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Type in the modpack name (How to Write Great Speech) or paste the following url into the search box.

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Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select How to Write Great Speech from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

How to Write Great Speech Version 1.0

created by laurapalmerson on Minecraft Version 1.15.2

There is nothing worse than staring at a blank screen and painfully thinking how you can start this speech. Especially if the deadline hangs threateningly over you. A frightening task, and even under pressure, leads to the fact that just hands fall. But approach the matter strategically. I help many busy people to prepare for performances and have come up with three simple steps that allow you to quickly move from inventing a speech to delivering it.

Step 1: Get Ready It is important to spend a few minutes thinking about what you want to achieve with your speech or presentation. As the great Yogi Berra noted, "if you don’t know where you are going, you will find yourself somewhere else." So, think for a few minutes on the following:

What is this performance? Common types are informational (teaching, instructing), persuasive (your goal is to change people's beliefs and behavior), emotional (aimed at emotional reaction). Who is your audience? What do they already know about this topic? What, in their opinion, is true and what is not? What do they want? What are they hoping for? What are they afraid of?

What should the audience feel? What do you want them to do? Choose 1-3 things that you want to convey to them (based on what they already know or what they believe in, what they hope for, what they fear, and what you want them to understand), which will then encourage them do what you want from them? If possible, stick to the three main points. Two induce a choice, four are too annoying.

What is your own point of view? Neutral Speech - Boring Speech!

Step 2: Organize Information Research into the psychology of consumption shows that when you give people too much choice and too much information, their attention is scattered and they don’t end up buying anything. When you expect the audience to “buy” what you are talking about, ideas need to be as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Here is a simple outline that you can follow and which will keep your audience focused.

An attention-grabbing introduction. Use a quote, history, question, statistic — something that hooks people as quickly as possible. “Good morning, and thank you for inviting me,” is not a very exciting start. Remember - this is your only chance to convey to the audience that you should listen.

Briefly about the main thing. Let the audience understand what they’re talking about: “Today we’ll talk about ...” The old saying, “tell them what you will tell them, tell it, and then say what you told about” is absolutely correct. (You can also add what benefits listeners will receive from your presentation that you can order at the speech writing service Paperell. This will inspire them to listen more carefully!)

Points 1-3. Justify your thesis. These main points should be built on what you prepared before (what you want the audience to know or understand). To make your thesis resonate with the audience, add stories, statistics, examples from news and popular culture, quotes from experts and personal experience. But you do not need to stuff it all at every point. Choose one or two ways to revive each item and move on.

Summary of speech. Tell people what you just told them. (This is serious - our memory is short, and our attention disappears quickly.)

Questions and answers. Some people think that questions should be left at the very end. But in this case, you allow the audience to determine which topic and in what tone the performance will end. You tried too hard to allow this! Post questions and answers before you summarize your presentation to complete it on your own terms.

Conclusion The audience will remember best what they heard last. Complete unfinished thoughts express the last inspirational conclusion that will encourage people to think and act differently, and end with a spectacular and memorable statement. What is even better is that these last words refer to the beginning of the speech, then it will be perceived as completely completed.

Step 3: Perform with enthusiasm Your task is not just to survive your performance, but to demonstrate empathy, humor, your style. Meet the audience with your eyes, use gestures to generate energy, walk around the room (not too much), and let your voice and your face be alive: you must show that you really care about your topic and your audience. Do not stand still - do something.