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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

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Type in the modpack name (Hexxit II) or paste the following url into the search box.

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Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Hexxit II from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Hexxit II Version 1.1.0

created by xJon on Minecraft 1.12.2 using Technic Solder

Hexxit II updated to version 1.1.0

This is a big one - the main goal of this update is to fix issues you hopefully never noticed before. Also to add squids!

• Added HaxyMoCreaturesModAdder (& MixinBooter), a patch mod made by Clienthax in order to fix major incompatibility issues of Mo' Creatures' Custom Mob Spawner with other mods, causing many entities not to spawn in modded biomes. This also fixes Dimensional Doors' Monoliths.
• Updated Hexxit World by Phanta, with a new Heart Container recipe, JER integration and other improvements.
• Added crafting recipes for Chocolate Quest Repoured's bullets.
• Many config changes, including spawn rate tweaks, Infernal Mobs' Choke nerf, & easier viewing of backpack recipes.
• Updated 4 mods (apart from Hexxit World), which also include a fix for some reported crashes.

The update is now available under Latest in the launcher but will very soon be available for everyone using Recommended.
xJon posted a changelog update for Hexxit II 1 month ago


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Hey man. I have a suggestion. you should add "simple storage network" mod. it's really annoying to have to sort through everything I collect, and It's a lot.
Posted by Rashad999 2 weeks ago
So, I noticed recently that whenever I try to put my meteor items in the advanced enchanter, it won't let me. I have half my armor set and anything that was made pre-update can be enchanted, but any new meteor stuff made cannot be enchanted. Please help
Posted by JackForrest 2 weeks ago
This will be changed in the next update :)
Posted by xJon 1 day ago
I can't download the modpack it says to consult the modpack author
Posted by devjam01 3 weeks ago
Just started playing for the first time. Things were good for a few in-game days. I moved into a desert village. Then it started freezing. Not often at first, but it got progressively worse until now it's every five seconds or so. I've turned down my graphics as much as I can. Also, there's an obscene number of torches surrounding this village that I swear weren't there when I moved in. It's possible I just didn't notice them. I have gotten a little turned around with all the freezing. But there are dozens of them way, way out beyond the village itself. It's really weird. I don't know if it's related to the freezing or not. I tried taking of them down, but it wasn't helping. And I would almost swear they were multiplying every time I turned around.
Posted by gayfrenchsheep 3 weeks ago
You can try to disable Dynamic Lights - press 'L'. If you need further support please head over to the "Help" section!
Posted by xJon 1 day ago
I can't download mixinbooter
Posted by GaranCoristar 3 weeks ago
failed download httpd// i dont know that is this can you help me ?
Posted by Jolanove 3 weeks ago
Is there no silver ingot in this modpack or eletrum ingot. cant find these ingots in nei menu
Posted by ItachiSuwoo 4 weeks ago
I don't think choke should be disabled since it's easy to counter. All you have to do is do not have a line of sight with the infernal mob. Furthermore Respiration and water breathing can aid in defeating it. Lastly, I like Sparklez cower in fear while he doesn't know that line of sight disables choke.
Posted by WxAaRoNxW 4 weeks ago
The problem with Choke is exactly that it's buggy, and what you are describing does not necessarily work. It's also very unintuitive with its extreme range, and Hexxit II is not supposed to be very difficult (don't tell Sparklez)
Posted by xJon 3 weeks ago
Seeing that there is more to tinker nowadays with even armory, I feel some mods could be appropriate for it. (namely to how limited the Armory is) One to note that some mods in this list can and will conflict with each other. So there are plenty of choices of materials addon: - (from the same guy of Hexxit World it seems) - - I though we had yo-yos in the original hexxit for a moment, but might be mistaken... so... Was Aether part of Hexxit?
Posted by Thunder Nova 4 weeks ago
not related... I hate the fact there are no "enter" space for a more cleaner comment.
Posted by Thunder Nova 4 weeks ago
I don't think Aether was a part of the original Hexxit homie
Posted by EeveeTheGamerYT 4 weeks ago
the rotting flesh smelt leather mod would be nice. also i’m wondering where frezorite and meteorite and kreknorite armour is ?
Posted by [email protected] 1 month ago
You can smelt 4 rotten flesh into leather!
Posted by xJon 4 weeks ago
Please Help! I'm pretty new to make mod servers. I have a hexxit 2 server currently running on version 1.0.2, how can I update to 1.1.0 without losing progress? Do I just have to update the mods on the server?
Posted by Limbokong 1 month ago
Download the newest server package, extract the zip to a new folder, and copy over your old world,, whitelist and oplist :)
Posted by xJon 1 month ago
what xjon said but make sure you also copy over your config if you changed anything there
Posted by EeveeTheGamerYT 4 weeks ago
I haven’t played 1.1.0 but I’ve been running a 1.0.2 server with my buddies. I noticed in the 1.0.1 patch you implemented a fix to restrict Tinkers items from going into the advanced enchantment table. The fix worked for full durability items. But you can still place damaged tinkers armor for example in the table and enchant it. However I am uncertain if the enchantments actually do anything at that point.
Posted by eternal_smelter1 1 month ago
What enchantments are available for you?
Posted by xJon 1 month ago
Can we add in Mr. Crayfishes mod so we have a wider arrangement of furniture. As well as inventory pets. I would like to see more things added in general.
Posted by KrisRyz 1 month ago
can you do something about armor stands? the bibliocraft ones don't show the armour on the stand when you place it, and then the regular Minecraft ones move by themselves and disappear (sometimes with armour on them!) I've had to spawn armor back in because of this.
Posted by [email protected] 1 month ago
BiblioCraft's armor stands have been hidden, but there's not much we can do about the vanilla ones unfortunately.
Posted by xJon 1 month ago

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Hexxit II was updated to version 1.1.0