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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Forward Operating Base Online) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Forward Operating Base Online from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Forward Operating Base Online Version Revival

created by russelluhl on Minecraft 1.7.10
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Cool modpack idea but 2 things would be cool 1.Mc Helicopter!!! 2.You need a Discord and maybe do it WW3 not vietnam thx :D
_Warrior_Black 2 years ago
if it has switched to elderscrolls please update the mudpack please.
Killcam_1171 4 years ago
Hello I was trying to log on to the server and it proceeded to tell me I did not have the mods for the mudpack. Please fix thank you
Killcam_1171 4 years ago
dang it's been forever since i have played xD
MatrixCoder 4 years ago
Now that I realized, you removed some weapon, I found cool the ones you removed they had great detail and animations manners without speaking the zombies, not to have taken
WorgeBR 4 years ago
I have to tell you that this is the best modpack I've ever played, my congratulations, maybe you could add some construction mod based on the wars like for example houses, bases and etc.
WorgeBR 4 years ago
When I go on the server im stuck in a bedrock room pls help!
chillynat76 4 years ago
This modpack has lots of lag and consistently freezes/shuts down all together. Please Fix
SovietUnion29 4 years ago
This modpack has lots of lag and consistently freezes/shuts down all together. Please Fix
SovietUnion29 4 years ago
my life is back!
MatrixCoder 4 years ago
russelluhl 4 years ago
can I become staff if u need any ???
Posted by Gaming_Lemon 4 years ago
well if you guys ever feel like reusing this modpack/server use this mod
MatrixCoder 4 years ago
Good news, we actually implemented it. :D
Posted by TheMCJarhead 4 years ago
:D yeah can't wait to play it :)
Posted by MatrixCoder 4 years ago
why is the server down?
MatrixCoder 4 years ago
Fob is now elderscrolls (not done yet) and the server has been down for like 10 days while jarhead works on the new server
Posted by moope787 4 years ago
huh, why did they decide to do this?
Posted by MatrixCoder 4 years ago
The mod pack is nice it has a bunch of flans mods but the server horrible. The server crash's ever 30 minutes. Also the rules on the server. listen to staff members OK well they dictate what you do almost on everything from battles to build your own base. The server host also as Mille swear frequently, and take it upon himself to say a bunch of rules that are not on the rules list. overall my experians on the server was horrible. would rate 2 out of 10
killcam_117 4 years ago
do not pay attention to killcam's comment he is a rage'r that put up this comment because he broke like 16 rules and was found spying and i have played the server longer then him and never has it crashed on me sure the staff sometimes make you do somethings you might not want to but about 99% of the time they only help you and try to make your time on the server better, one of the main rule is no trolling and killcam did that a lot, and mille does not swear 24/7 he only swears if he has to and swearing was a part of war, and on the rules is use common sense. all in all my time on the server has been great and would rate it 9.6/10 P.S if there are any spelling errors sorry i did not feel like checking this comment 100 times to make sure there are not any
Posted by MatrixCoder 4 years ago
Hello killcam, im not sure what you mean when you say that the server crashes every 30 minutes, I played for hours straight without issue, I would also like to point out that Mille isn't the server host, and although he does swear a lot, that isn't really an issue. As for Mille enforcing rules that aren't on the list, is "bombing everyones bases while they are offline just to make them mad" seems like its just common sense. I feel like you are just writing this comment to stop future players from joining the server, just because you were caught trolling and being rude. To anyone who reads Killcams comment, please disregard it, this server is incredible with an amazing community, Killcam has already threatened to write a blog about how "horrible this server is" so it is obvious that he is doing this out of spite.
Posted by dyl000 4 years ago
Oh boy... How many times does this have to happen. How many people like you do I have to prove wrong every god darn time! Oh well, let's just start. * The crashing of the server is very easy to fix, it's just that you're ignoring me and you don't want me to tell you the solution to this problem. First off, if you're getting the ''Fatal Error has occured'' eror, it's pretty easy to fix. You just have to go to the modpack information, and delete everything (saves, worlds, etc.) but if you want to keep the screenshots and all that, pull them out of the modpack info thing. So, now that you did that, make sure you do delete pack when you join technic. When you do that, reinstall the modpack and there we go! Your problem has been fixed. If you want to put your worlds or screenshots back just puck them back in the folder, and all's fixed bud. *The server is a role-play type of server, meaning that you have to listen to your higher ups, and follow their orders. During FOB 1, I was voted to become the leader of allied and I was ever since then. I became the main builder on this server in FOB 2. Building your own base, and participating in battles is the main aspect of this server. You can stay away from them, but if you want to help out your team mates you should come. *I am not the server host. The server host is called RussellUhlFilms, so maybe you should have done some research or listened to me when I adressed this in chat. Also, this frequently swearing thing is basically friendly rivalry between the two teams. There is no serious beef between us, and this is just a thing you take a littleee bit to seriously. About me saying the rules not on the rule list, you're pretty wrong on this one. I have a screenshot habit so I can prove you wrong very much on this one. You team switched, and gave your new team mates the coords of our bases. One of the rules say that you should not be a spy. Is this false ? No, read it yourself. You also stole a tank of your team mate while on FOB, while you switched to get allied tanks and such. I, of course gave my team mate back the tank because you did not respect the rule that says ''never be a troll.''. If I have done anything more that seems wrong to you, please tell me and I will prove you even more wrong. If you have done everything correctly, and acted civil to players and been a good team mate, your experience on this server would be 10/10. FOB's Lead Builder: MisaiAki {Also Known As Mille}
Posted by MisaiAki 4 years ago
The hell"You are not whitelisted for the server"Really,I just want to visit my base o_o
XGazer_MaticX 4 years ago
We are currently undergoing development.
Posted by russelluhl 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
I got banned forever by MisaiAki after we argued a bit. His stupid reason is disrespect to staff. But he was more indecent and disrespectful than me. He called me cunt as an example. He tried to ban me for an hour but he did it forever. The reason was 60 so you know what this means. My name is vladaci.
SerbanHD 4 years ago
Your forever-ban was an accident, and I was supposed to ban you for 60 seconds for the disrespect of staff members. You have first started stating untrue facts and have sent messages that represented disrespect to me. Your ban was totally deserved, but I apologize for swearing as much as I did. It is my role, as staff member to help the player, and that is why I apologize for calling you names, but I believe you should too. I hope that my apology was accepted, and that this is cleared up. With respect, Main Builder of the server: MisaiAki.
Posted by MisaiAki 4 years ago
No problem.
Posted by SerbanHD 4 years ago
why is there a whitelist
crafter28yay 4 years ago
Server is being updated. Should be done by tomorrow or a few days maybe. :P
Posted by TheMCJarhead 4 years ago
I can't join the server;It keep pinging when i refreshed the server list and after a long while a sentence of cannot connect to server appeared.Tried restarting computer and router and even redownloaded pack.Still not working(entered the server ip as what it says and checked it alot times)
XGazer_MaticX 4 years ago
Server is not currently online right now, will be back online soon. :D
Posted by TheMCJarhead 4 years ago
I cant join the server wont work
moope787 5 years ago
Server is released, guys! I'll see you on the Battlefield!
TheMCJarhead 5 years ago

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Forward Operating Base Online was updated to version Revival