Install Find iPhone Location History

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Find iPhone Location History) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Find iPhone Location History from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Find iPhone Location History Version 1.0

created by alvinamartino on Minecraft 1.16.3

3 Easy Methods to Find My iPhone Location History

For all the iPhone users out there who have been looking to unlock the answer to finding your iPhone location history, then you are about to strike lucky. Our iPhones often track our geography as we go, from when and where we take photos and when we text and upload images, so if you’re wanting to do a little research for your own sake, or to keep on top of your child’s whereabouts for their safety, then there is a little hack that can help you! Playing detective for the right reasons is very important, especially in today’s world where online bullying is prevalent as well as the world's dangers. find my phone

In addition to this, you may be worried that your child is skipping school or going to places that you are uncomfortable with which shouldn’t have to be an issue for any parent to deal with. There are some simple ways to do this which will give you a very quick overview but we will talk more in detail about the online platform that will give you the very best overview of your child’s whereabouts and movements.

Why Is It Important To Track Their Movements?

It is vital as a parent because children have so much access to websites and chatrooms and social media that they never used to have and this can lead to extra curricular activities that may be classed as dangerous to their health. What does location tracking do? It allows you to see where the phone has been and where the activity on the phone has also taken place.

Method One - Simple Phone Track Via Settings

If you want to try this method out, then here is the first method that is simple and quick to help you search for the best way to track your location history.

Tap on your Device Settings, then onto >Privacy then to >Location then >System Services >Significant Location> View location history. Simple? This will unlock a lot of the locations

Method Two - Find Location Via The Cloud

The cloud is a very intriguing invention that houses a lot of things on your mobile phone. Mostly it’s used as a great way to back up your photos and videos so they are not lost and to free up some space on your phone, however it is also a great way to find your location history also. So, how is it done? iphone location

View the iPhone current location by logging into - make sure you have all your information to hand, then click on Find My > All Devices > Zoom

Method Three - Find iPhone Tracking History Using Google Timeline!

This is another method to help you unlock your geographical history. If you head straight to you can click on >'Timeline then onto >Settings then >Enable/Pause> Location History. This will then unlock all the information that you need.

Family Orbit - The Complete Tracker

The above methods are great for tracking the current location of your iPhone but what if there are times when you do not have access to the phone? With Family Orbit, you can continuously monitor the iPhone location with only your iCloud credentials. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, the way in which this works is simple, it uses excellent iPhone monitoring software to keep you and your family safe, always.

You can track all the places your child has been to with their phone and Family Orbit also provides some excellent information and demographics relating to this, including the exact time and date in which the locations were visited. So if this happens to be during school time or at an hour that is beyond their curfew then you can be sure to track it and keep the information stored. This information will be easy to digest for all users, with a very easy to read online interactive map which will be helpful for you and give you the insights that you need.

Be safe and secure and allow your child to live their life comfortably, whilst you can rest assured that you can track and know of anything that is detrimental to their life and habits. Sign up for a free trial today!