Install Glixyl's Entropy

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Glixyl's Entropy) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Glixyl's Entropy from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Glixyl's Entropy Version 304k

created by glixyl on Minecraft Version 1.12.2 using Technic Solder
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Hey Glixyl Glad Your Back And The Servers are Back SoHave a wonderful time and stop by my cafe any time on server of course
joseph5783 2 years ago
Hey Man can someone pls unban me. I get banned for spamming becouse i offend people who destroyed my house and offend me. I'm very sorry for that offend i was so agressive at this time please unban me i will not do this a second time. So give me a second chance. My Ingame name is WithermanHD. Sorry for my worse English I'm not from England or the USA.
WithermanHD 2 years ago
I may be able to help you ;) but first ill need to get setup again
Posted by Hunterthekilla 2 years ago
Hey Hunter :)
Posted by SC016 2 years ago
Hi all, could someone help me, I have own server for friends but we have so few mobs in our world, onle few aliens and few predators, I put difficulty 3, but it does not help at all. During week I met only 2-3 creepers and few zombies, I miss more mobs, even more aliens. Thank you for help, anyway great modpack
AradanSK 2 years ago
Hey, you should fix the realistic blocks mod that makes blocks actually have gravity. Because it sorta cuts a part of galactic craft off. when I build a space station whenever I place a block on the space station it falls down to earth. If there is any way to fix this that'd be cool
Sieyono 2 years ago
the server for Entropy 209 is uploaded. get it on the right side of this page under the "Server Download" link.
glixyl 2 years ago
Thank you :).. love the modpack :D
Posted by Matsolai 2 years ago
When will the server download be updated? I can't connect to my server after the update. I have tried to switch to version 207 ,but the issue is still there.
Matsolai 2 years ago
server for 209 uploaded
Posted by glixyl 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
entropy public server is open! new entropy update to fix many bugs! mods added!
glixyl 2 years ago
Looks like Marines in the AVP mod are bugged. They aren't hostile to anything, even when attacked. Ditto for enemies being hostile to them. Only mob i've found so far that'll attack them is Iron Golems, and the Marines don't fight back. Was a bit of a surprise realizing that the Marine NPC would just stand there and watch an Alien eat my face moments before waltzing off with the xenomorph all but hand in hand.
archonex 2 years ago
AVP mod is back in development again and this bug is being worked on thank you
Posted by glixyl 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hey need help in building or if you need staff ill be happy to help my minecraft username is Eminem1069 please contact me i really wanna help
Eminem1069 2 years ago
come play on the server. if you are interested in making structures/templates that will also spawn in single player, let me know by messaging @glixyl on twitter
Posted by glixyl 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
Omuck3 2 years ago
glad you are happy its back! entropy was always my personal favorite pack
Posted by glixyl 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hello, I was re-directed here from Ri5ux, and was wondering If I could support the server - I cannot hand out cash, But I would love to help build, I am a big fan of the AvP universe. I have also heard a lot about "Whitelisting", Which I would love to be added into the server, I am active for 3-6 Hours a Day on servers that are respectful.
HarryblockHEAD 2 years ago
Would be nice without whitelist.If u could add me: Bow_Shot_LP and my friend Hot_dog13
Bow_Shot_LP 2 years ago
server is under construction
Posted by glixyl 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
hey Glixyl can i be whitelisted on the server my ign is Eminem1069 i will be more than happy to help build it up if you want you can email me at [email protected] for futher information Thanks=)
Eminem1069 2 years ago
After more than a year, I have released a new version of Entropy. It contains latest AVP mod with Medpods, armor set bonuses and so much new content it will blow your mind. It is best to start a new map since so much has changed with AVP and other mods over the last two years that Entropy has been at version 1.7.10
glixyl 2 years ago
crashes when i try to make or open a world
TylerIsBored 3 years ago
new version of Entropy out, try the new recommended version
Posted by glixyl 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
Ok by switching to the Optifine version I was able to get the initilization screen to load, then i get the Title screen background in a scrambled mess with this error in the conslole [B#347] [17:09:36] [Client thread/ERROR]: ########## GL ERROR ########## [B#347] [17:09:36] [Client thread/ERROR]: @ Post render [B#347] [17:09:36] [Client thread/ERROR]: 1286: Invalid framebuffer operation [B#347] [17:09:36] [Client thread/ERROR]: ########## GL ERROR ########## [B#347] [17:09:36] [Client thread/ERROR]: @ Post render [B#347] [17:09:36] [Client thread/ERROR]: 1286: Invalid framebuffer operation [B#347] [17:09:36] [Client thread/ERROR]: ########## GL ERROR ##########
BinksGamer 3 years ago
When I load the game, I get no mojang logo, or any logo just a black screen, and if I wait long enough it turns white and plays title music, like it loaded fine. It will sometimes crash and shut off. Any suggestions, and if it can't be fixed at least you get some feedback XD, or at least as far as bugs go.
BinksGamer 3 years ago
modpack crashes either on menu or when trying to load in a world :/
leftokiller 3 years ago
I know, i have the same issue and it is bother ing me D: i wish there was a way to fix it D:
Posted by draco428 3 years ago
Where did Beautiful Deadly go it was my favriote?
joseph5783 3 years ago
i am on a Mac Book Pro, every time i try to go into a world it says Shutting Down Internal Server... and crashes. i have tried to reinstall it multiple times but it hasn't worked. Please help!!!
WitherdFoxy 3 years ago

Latest Update

Public Beta Server Open: use the multi-player button to connect. the server is already listed. Entropy 304i released. New monsters, performance fixes, and new blocks and tools for map makers such as Custom NPCs mod.