Install CozRPG Evolved

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (CozRPG Evolved) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select CozRPG Evolved from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

CozRPG Evolved Version 1.9

created by Cozmmander on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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Is there a sphax texture pack for this modpack out yet?
thatoneguyyouknow420 4 years ago
Is morph ever going to be added or no?
Lycan142 4 years ago
where can i find the mod list
drstine 4 years ago
Might I get a recommended/minimum RAM Allocation?
_3RR0R_C0RRUPT3D 4 years ago
I have no problems with. Work perfectly for me. I don't get the " I " Skills menu.
HipnotiQ_ 4 years ago
This server and modpack have been out for... like what 3 days?.. and already they have an official server as well as a well-developed community... I truthfully enjoy the future for this modpack
ethan4eva 4 years ago
when I try to play it it takes me back to the launcher
HobbesDoggy 4 years ago
is there a good smp for this pack?
HobbesDoggy 4 years ago
My tools don't work. How do I mine?
BrokenEye 4 years ago
BrokenEye you need to use tinkers tools the vanilla tools are disabled because of iguana tinker tweaks
Posted by CuriousCurse 4 years ago
server is back up but still not a bukkit server... i need the files
NoMatterGaming 4 years ago
I'm glad the creator of this modpack took up my suggestion for an offical server.. my only idea towards it would be a claim system (most hopefully the golden shovel, as its simple to use :D)
ethan4eva 4 years ago
well it is good to have a server although im not the creator XD
Posted by NoMatterGaming 4 years ago
Mod list?
AzirNovo 4 years ago
alright server is up but expect shutdowns as i am going to be working on it..... IP:
NoMatterGaming 4 years ago
I am willing to make a server for this mod pack just an FYI.... the IP will be posted when it is done
NoMatterGaming 4 years ago
YO nomattergaming Ill gladly help build and with any other things on the server if youd let me
Posted by Sheboo3 4 years ago
alright ill open it up while Im building fir anybody that wants to play even while it is setting up just a little bit more also be open for updates because when it opens ill be working on it till its stable
Posted by NoMatterGaming 4 years ago
not sure why but it keeps saying that the Engine state was incorrect state SERVER_STARTING was forced to SERVER_STOPED
Posted by NoMatterGaming 4 years ago
Posted by NoMatterGaming 4 years ago
alright ill check it out and let you know
Posted by NoMatterGaming 4 years ago
I hope you can make an official server for all of us to play this on. Running it solo is to hard sometimes for peoples computers, but on a servers its a bit easier, So please consider this idea?
ethan4eva 4 years ago
Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when I tried to play this, it began loading fine, but as soon as it was about to let me make a new world, it turned off and re opened Technic Launcher, any advice on how to solve this irritating issue?
jackrat2901 4 years ago
Be sure to have enough RAM allocated to technic launcher. 1GB or less may not be enough to run this modpack. The issue here is that minecraft doesnt have enough memory to generate the world. If you cant allocate more ram consider using 64bit java if you already have it and it doesnt work try generating the world but turning structures off ect.
Posted by TheStrikeBRO 4 years ago
If this Modpack did need 2GB of ram, I would not be able to even click play, I can and it loads, until it crashes, no crash log, it just turns off and relaunches Technic.
Posted by jackrat2901 4 years ago
can you please add optifine and morph? i added them myself now but i suppose other people would find it handy too.
thelostgamer815 4 years ago
Can someone please make a server for this i would really like to play this with others.
CuriousCurse 4 years ago
you should change the iguana's tinkers' tweaks config to allow you to level your tool above the current max which is "master"
avali 4 years ago
is there a server?
TheGardenGoblin 4 years ago
well there is a giant button saying server download..
Posted by skybaron 4 years ago
the server download button means you can download the file thing to make your own server and that it's already configured and crap like that. if it had a server it would ither be in the description or already in the modpack, could be in both too. besides most servers are offline. in other words no there is most likely no server.
Posted by Soron66 4 years ago