Install A Small Modpack

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (A Small Modpack) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select A Small Modpack from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

A Small Modpack Version 1.2.5

created by PandawanFr on Minecraft Version 1.7.10
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.
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Got it figured out. It was my error not the modpack. Really fun mod pack. Wish it was on the 1.8 minecraft platform or higher though. Other than that, it works great and so fun.
kuraigu 3 years ago
PANDAWAN..... if you're still out there, I need you. It's a perfect combination of mods but I don't know if it needs a update since the last one was 11 months ago or what. Mocreatures, pam harvest, and ores are not spawning in game. Everything else seems to be working great. Really hope you can update or tell me the fix.
kuraigu 3 years ago
A few friends and I are enjoying this mod pack. My only issue is Tinker's Construct has items we can make but there NO materials generated in the world for us to mine to make them with. Is there a mod not working correctly? I do not see any of these ores or gems while mining. I may have and more than likely missed something. If any followers or anyone for that matter knows what it is, please comment. Really good modpack and the server side of it runs like a champ. Thanks a bunch.
kuraigu 3 years ago
Hey everyone, just wanna tell you all, there may be a problem with the download starting May 1st because the website I'm using to host all my files (including this modpack and my other modpacks) will be shut down. Please download this right now if you want it, as it will take some time for me to set the download back up!
PandawanFr 3 years ago
does anyone have a server for this pack? id love to play with others
excelgamingx 3 years ago
ok got the mod pack install and the server start up but half the mod dont work at all.
Gither79 3 years ago
its has 3GB Ram and 45 Slots
Gither79 3 years ago
if some one is willing to help me set up the pack on my server that would be great
Gither79 3 years ago
hey can i ask if i can join your server? i really like this modpack and want to play with others :)
Posted by excelgamingx 3 years ago
Where is the server ip?
Thetommymagic 3 years ago
Hey guys, I hope you enjoy this modpack, please like it if you do! That would be much appreciated! Also don't forget to share this to everyone you know, maybe you could play with your friends on a server, there's a server download if you want that would be already setup for you! Anyway,s we're almost gonna hit 1000 downloads, which is pretty cool! When it does, I'm going to try to update this modpack and all it's mods so share it with everyone. Also don't forget to request mods if you want me to add some. (They have to stay in context tho, small and not overwhelming mods)
PandawanFr 3 years ago
Help, Everytime I open the mod pack i see the main screen for like a second but then it goes back to then technic launcher Help?
Lockguy 3 years ago
Are you using the latest version? If so, are you using Java 7 or higher? Try reinstalling Java to the latest version and reinstalling the modpack
Posted by PandawanFr 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
Thank you for this, and for being efficient in laying out what mods are in which package. Just what I've been looking for; a non-laggy modpack with a server pack too. Many thanks!
bugalugs50 3 years ago
You're welcome!
Posted by PandawanFr 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
I dont see the to many items screem anymore when i press e, can somebody please tell me how to fix this
pixelblokje 3 years ago
You probably toggled it off. Press o
Posted by bugalugs50 3 years ago

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A Small Modpack was updated to version 1.2.5