Install Dragon Industries

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Dragon Industries) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Dragon Industries from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Dragon Industries Version 3.5.6

created by Magnusri on Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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yepidoodles 1 year ago
Are you not doing update notes? or are the updates just balance updates?
5trandkrabb3 1 year ago
There is a changelog tab right next to this one.
Posted by yepidoodles 1 year ago
This discussion section is not monitored, see the help section if you require assistance. Joining the Discord is the most efficient way to get help.
yepidoodles 2 years ago
Hey :3 i joined 3 years ago :3
themacgamer9 2 years ago
why was i banned my name is drewj7488
drew7488 2 years ago
Ban appeals go on the website - It was for griefing spawn btw
Posted by yepidoodles 2 years ago
Please fix!!! Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation The mods and versions listed below could not be found bdlib : minimum version required is
Underhatches 3 years ago
Only way that is possible is if you added a mod which is not 1.7.10
Posted by yepidoodles 3 years ago
thanks for the up to date ver. of immersive engineering also how long is the restart...
Oobfiche 3 years ago
heh 15 GB aint a problem for me
Oobfiche 3 years ago
Pls can you help me? When i enter the dragontechmc server after a few seconds minecraft closes instantly whithout saying me nothing and it opens the technic launcher. But this only happens with the server. When i play in an offline world the game goes perfectly and it doesnt close minecraft.
TheeNemesysFTW 3 years ago
Chances are, you haven't set enough memory in your launcher, check the link below to learn how to set more: (go to step 2)
Posted by yepidoodles 3 years ago
but i have i set in the launcher like 3.5 GB
Posted by TheeNemesysFTW 3 years ago
erm somthing is wrong with the lite ver. of this pack in the end of the load it stops and closes can you fix it please
Oobfiche 3 years ago
That's not the modpack, that's your client crashing, send me your crash reports
Posted by yepidoodles 3 years ago
how do i send crash reports?
Posted by Oobfiche 3 years ago
and how do i find em
Posted by Oobfiche 3 years ago
Logging* XD
luke_warren35 3 years ago
Seems like a decent pack, lagging in now to check it out!
luke_warren35 3 years ago
This modpack doesn't seem to be available to download. 'Install this modpack' on this page doesn't work and on the launcher searching Dragon Tech just brings up the version with (old) in the name. That isn't the same modpack as far as I can tell.
AspieMum 4 years ago
When you click install this modpack, it copies an API onto your clipboard, paste that into the search bar on your launcher
Posted by yepidoodles 4 years ago
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yepidoodles 4 years ago
The guest book on isn't really a Guest Book. Comments are only accepted from people who are logged on and have a username. By definition such people aren't guests on the site but registered users. Guests aren't allowed to use your guest book- you get the error that the username can't be blank even though there is no space to enter a username if you had one anyway (guessing you must need to be logged on to use the guest book)
Posted by AspieMum 4 years ago
And please add the extrautilites
Nyo 4 years ago
I'd have to ban too many items to make it worth adding.
Posted by yepidoodles 4 years ago
when I try do download the launcher said :error in dropbox please contact e modpacker
Nyo 4 years ago
There's nothing wrong with the download, make sure you add the api without any spaces
Posted by yepidoodles 4 years ago
I can't do downloading this modpack please help me
Nyo 4 years ago
Please would you give me more information on your issue?
Posted by yepidoodles 4 years ago
32-bits users can play?
Nexo_ 4 years ago
The pack is designed to be small enough for 32bit users, but some people still have trouble, Just make sure you have 1gb Allocated to your launcher :)
Posted by yepidoodles 4 years ago
you should add projectE
RevertantRobin 4 years ago
Please leave mod suggestions here:
Posted by yepidoodles 4 years ago
Quick Recommendation, I recommend removing a couple small mods from it
JustJakeFTW 4 years ago
If you have recommendations, please post them on the website, this doesn't get checked very often.
Posted by yepidoodles 4 years ago

Latest Update

Dragon Industries was updated to version 3.5.3