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Trending is wonky! Oh no!

Hello folks,

As I'm sure most of you have noticed, Trending is not really trending at the moment. We've noticed the issue reported by our community moderators and have addressed the issue on our end. The situation will need some time, most likely a couple days to resolve fully, for Trending to catch back up. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

We have also be aware of how easily it is for user to "remake" packs to get them to show up as Trending again. We have some ideas on how to improve the algorithm backing our Trending code to make sure it doesn't favor new packs so heavily. Existing packs do have the ability to trend again and we don't want to overshadowed. Refreshing a pack should be as simple as updating an existing pack, not spamming the system with new packs, as this this is against the Modpack Terms.

Most of all, Happy New Year Crafters! We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2017!




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Yay thanks for fixing, Hope you have a nice day!
PhoenixGamingV 5 years ago
Posted by kinha09 4 years ago
You used the wrong form of "to", you should have used "too" but you used "to".
NerdyPacman 5 years ago
You made me look at every "to" just to see everything is normal... XD
Posted by swordmaster1713 5 years ago
too is basically another way of saying also, but at the end. There were no mistakes
Posted by gamesheep3883 5 years ago
Posted by hoomie 4 years ago
There were no mistakes.
Posted by boolonut100 4 years ago
I know I built a fairly decent modpack with a lovely stable server attached and the pack was hidden before we were ready to debut ... I unhid and we have a steady stream of new players but I never got the privilege of being on a new modpack page or anything. it is a bummer that we got overlooked! I hope Trending will pick us up to spotlight someday!
Kalleigh6694 5 years ago
The trending algorithm really needs to favour *updated* packs rather than newly created packs. Additionally, you should omit packs from the trending algorithm if they lack any form of description or the description is too short (under 100 characters) to help reduce the amount of spam packs showing up there.
Paint_Ninja 5 years ago
Thanks for the message! :D
Thanks for the update! I'd just been thinking about this myself. Glad to see people are working on it.
cuttlefish5 5 years ago
Use login page successfully started the game but failed auth wrote this error and what invalind username or password credentials should I do?
Krisztian0801 5 years ago
that happened to me as well
Posted by tommogaming87 5 years ago
thanks for fixing this, but when are you going to fix the glitch with actuality playing the modpacks?
10cats10 5 years ago
i cant log in to my account no matter how much i try
GodSlayer2015 5 years ago
Posted by matteorossi 5 years ago
Same T_T
Posted by Alwin2007 4 years ago
Posted by Ninja_girl94 4 years ago
like you can login on the websit but you cant login to the platform? if so same!
Posted by dillfish96 4 years ago
can u please help me with my modpack i am on a mac and it isnt working can u maybe check whats wrong with the folder fix it then send it to me thanks here is the download link
CharlieMJ 5 years ago
Your link is broken, it should be
Posted by matthe815 5 years ago
your issue is that it does auto download and you can fix this by taking your link: and changing the "0" at the end to a "1" so here is the link that will actually work:
Posted by Apparoid 5 years ago
hi very nice modpack
Hey devs, Im on windows 10, I dont know if this works on windows 10, but if If it does, It wot work for me. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Technic launcher, but that doesn't work. If you would reply to me via email, that would be great. @ [email protected]
how do we play minecraft???
gavin0759 5 years ago
I would suggest that you look at the vanilla wiki to get some idea of basic play, then go onto the modded stuff. It's a bit hard to take in.
Posted by GoldenGamer2 4 years ago
Are you really kidding me? Don't come to Technic if you don't know how to play MINECRAFT. Come back once you've learned how.
Posted by boolonut100 4 years ago
i can't sign in to my account anymore
tommogaming87 5 years ago
RECONISSANCE 5 years ago
krijg de tyfes
Danny028 5 years ago
What do I do if my minecraft login doesn't work?
matteorossi 5 years ago
Elmir021 5 years ago
Hi! Plz help i regist game or canot login to client website nice i login launcher cant.What its problem pmn me any GM? ty
kevinke00 5 years ago
Hi! Plz help i regist game or canot login to client website nice i login launcher cant.What its problem pmn me any GM? ty
kevinke00 5 years ago
Hi! Plz help i regist game or canot login to client website nice i login launcher cant.What its problem pmn me any GM? ty
kevinke00 5 years ago
Posted by Petit-démon 4 years ago
djalal1 4 years ago
what is a Minecraft IGN?
SkeletalVirus 4 years ago
In Game Name
Posted by drowssaP 4 years ago
my things not working plz help me adment plllllzzzzzzzzz
canadianbacon07 4 years ago
Mine When I Put My Nick Appears Invalid Token Please Someone Help Me
_zSrKalyT 4 years ago
Mine When I Put My Nick Appears Invalid Token Please Someone Help Me
_zSrKalyT 4 years ago
Hello, I Would Like To Mention That D3ltr1c exploits the trending remake and has done it tons of times with his previous modpacks and the ones he has now. Eastern Fronts.
saam2003 4 years ago
he has been exploiting for a while now. He knows that this is against the terms as i have mentioned it multiple times. He also threatened to use my Address and Phone Number ,that he got from my donation info, if i mentioned this to you.Please can you take action?
Posted by saam2003 4 years ago
he also changed his discord name to cfDeltric
Posted by saam2003 4 years ago
6 Months late, but OHMYGAUSH THANK YOU!
kittylovercats 4 years ago
okey for me to have a happy 2017 i want to play hexxit 2.0
kill3rsku11 4 years ago
Could someone help me? I cant log in on technic modpack- I can log in on here easily, but it says somethings wrong when I try too log in on the modpack.