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Tekkit Lite Updated to 0.6.5

Tekkit Lite 0.6.5, the final Tekkit Lite update for 1.4.7, has been promoted to recommended in the launcher.  In addition to the large number of mod updates that accompanied 0.6.2, two configuration fixes were added:

  • Nether Ores will now properly spawn in the nether.
  • Applied Energistics recipes will no longer require Buildcraft chipsets.

All of these changes can be viewed in the Changelog at

The latest server is available at


EDIT: This article was previously for the release of Tekkit 0.6.4- after release, we discovered that a version inconsistency in Chicken Bones' mods was causing crashes for many users, and released 0.6.5, which rolls back several Chicken Bones mods, to remedy the issue.


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