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Tekkit 1.0.4 Available Now

Tekkit 1.0.4 is now marked Latest in the launcher - it is possible to play it by clicking the Cogwheel under the Tekkit icon and configuring the modpack to always use the Latest build, or by manually selecting build 1.0.4.   Most users should remain on 1.0.3 until 1.0.4 is promoted to the recommended build.

This release contains a number of important bugfixes, and introduces a Technic-built fork of the mod Greg's Lighting, by Greg Ewing.  Greg's Lighting introduces a new spotlight which can be built with glowstone, iron, and gold.  Thes spotlights light a truly massive area for players who prefer clean, smooth lighting in their large rooms.  The tekkit fork has ported this excellent mod to 1.5.1 and removed the IC2 and carbide floodlights.

The build includes the following changes:

  • Corrected a configuration issue with Treecapitator, which prevented MFR Rubber trees from being treecapitated, and which prevented Galacticraft Heavy Duty Axes from treecapitating
  • Added Greg's Lighting version
  • Updated NEI Plugins to version
  • Updated Open CC Sensors to version 0.1.5e
  • Updated Applied Energistics to version 10 L
  • Updated Steve's Carts to version 2.0.0.a109
  • Updated Dimensional Doors to version
  • Updated Galacticraft to version a0.1.34.186

Server owners can obtain the new server file from the following link:


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