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Technic Tuesday: Launcher v4.265 is Stable!

Launcher v4.265 has just been pushed live, and it's time for Technic Tuesday!  Here's the changelogs for this week's Launcher update and all the latest Technic news!

Trending Recalculation is Fixed!

I made a newspost about this earlier in the week, but the Trending Modpacks list is updating once again, and now it's doing it without hurting the platform!  Last week, I posted that we had turned off the Trending recalculation because while it ran each night, it was damaging your ability to use the Platform and the API.  This was creating about 15-20 minutes of downtime each night and is now fixed.  We also fixed the last remaining stability issue with the Launcher API.    So how is the new and improved Platform working?  Here are the stats we have for the past week, Wednesday January 28 through Tuesday, February 3:

  • Platform Uptime: 99.97%
  • Launcher API Uptime: 99.54%
  • Launcher API Estimated Satisfaction (T=0.2 seconds): 93%
  • Launcher API Usage: Over 47 Million Requests

We're really proud of these numbers!!  There's still lots of room for improvement, though.  If you spend a lot of time on the platform, you'll know that there's occasionally random error pages that pop up and go away just as quickly.  We've got a plan for taking care of those this week, we'll see how it goes!  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new speed and stability on the weekends.

A Platform Facelift (Important Info for Pack Authors!)

In case you haven't noticed, the Platform received a minor facelift this week.  A few visual improvements to pages, including awesome artwork in the header of each page, some improvements to the way the pages handle the navbar, long titles and usernames, and better-looking page titles.  One important fact: page titles no longer have a drop shadow! 

If you're a pack author whose pack has a bright background, you may notice that your pack's title is now harder to read!  The good news is that we've added an option to your "Edit Modpack" menu that allows you to make the pack title dark-colored instead, to allow users to read your title against a whiter background.  Please check to see whether your pack title needs to be color-inverted in order to be seen.  A good-looking pack page attracts more users!

Get Help On Our New Support Page!

Another thing we've been quiet about is a gradual rollout of our new support site:!  A link to the new support site is now available from your Dashboard page, and a search bar for our help system is available at the bottom right of each page.  If you need assistance getting your launcher or the platform to work, feel free to visit and open a ticket.  Please don't open a ticket about a modpack- the place to get help for a modpack is still from the pack author.  If we're the pack author, you can get help on the forums tracker.

Changelog: Launcher 4.265

  • The available RAM settings in the launcher's Java Options is now based on the selected Java version instead of the launcher's Java version.
  • A warning will now show in Java Options if the RAM settings have been restricted due to 32-bit java being selected.  The warning will point out if a 64-bit version of java is available to be used.
  • The launcher now correctly handles non-Roman characters in modpack titles, descriptions, and other data.
  • The language selection dropdown box in the Login & Install menus will now use the same custom scrollbar as other UI elements.
  • If a file fails to unzip during pack installation, the resulting error message will now contain the file name.
  • The launcher now supports Hungarian.
  • The launcher's Czech translation has been updated.
  • Minecraft will now use the incremental garbage collector by default.

This week, we will be adding improved Maven support for version.json libraries and looking at what improvements we can make to the pack installation process to assist users.

Thanks for playing, and feel free to come join us in IRC or on /r/technicplatform.  We look forward to seeing you there!


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This is better than the last one. I like it.
anchal9 8 years ago
how to download tekkit???i tried everything but the launcher say to me:invalid username or password
DuXa 8 years ago
Get your Steam Gift Card at It really works!
SomeGuy15 8 years ago
i cant play tekkit butt why not? he says the discover page is currently unavialble help me!
jimmy2305 8 years ago
Can not play any Mods now it gets past the Mojong screen and stays blank foreverrrrrrRRRRRRRRRR.
MC_Dad_2015 8 years ago
try reseting your computer.
Posted by ogiebo 8 years ago
I can t install modpacks do something!!!!
alex.geleta 8 years ago
i miss the old version
DarkAssassin299 8 years ago
My Technic Pack is being a little screwy. I try to launch it and nothing happens so I go into task manager and have to end my java run time. I check my logs and it says that it opens the closes then opens the closes over and over again for around the time that I had the launcher trying to open itself. I've tried lots of types of Javas and downloading the launcher like 10 times. Does anybody know a fix for this? P.S. I'm on Windows. Thanks ;)
CubeZero5578 8 years ago
I am having fun ( not) getting to play
frangrim 8 years ago
The modpacks are not working they are all offline. The have been working fine, but for some reason they are offline. Can you please help me?
KKstray 8 years ago
All the packs are Offline for me and there is no way to fix it, it's not my internet.
Svallforce 8 years ago
oluies 8 years ago
CR0S3N 8 years ago
CR0S3N 8 years ago
CR0S3N 8 years ago
i cant play some of the packs i download them and they dont open :(
suckmyass327 8 years ago
Is it official modpacks that aren't launching, or community packs? Cause this issue sounds as if the packs fail to initialize because of a conflict with Java. If you are running a pack on 1.7.9 or earlier and are running Java 8 u20 or later, then the pack will need legacyjavafixer. Otherwise, the only thing I can think of is to send a ticket into Hope it works soon! Legacy Fixer DL link: (
Posted by Gryph0nnn 8 years ago
How would a creator get there modpack trending or on the featured list?
whitepyros 8 years ago
A high amount of downloads and total launches of the pack are the only way to get a modpack trending or featured as Technic doesn't have a promotion service.
Posted by Gryph0nnn 8 years ago
ok thanks for the info :)
Posted by whitepyros 8 years ago
My pleasure :)
Posted by Gryph0nnn 8 years ago
nothing has changed i still cant get mode packs and the old 1 was a lot more easy plz fix
Mull@c 8 years ago
Maybe can help? Sounds like the launcher may be having trouble phoning home. You probably have, but have you re-installed the pack from a fresh download? Hope it works soon, having a non-working launcher really sucks :(
Posted by Gryph0nnn 8 years ago
how do i update to the new launcher
Posted by mdodson 8 years ago
i can t install modpacks
simon445 8 years ago
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago
All of my installed modpacks were working before this new launcher release. Now, all of my installed modpacks either crash before loading, or whitescreen on loading my worlds. It also crashes if I change the window size or to fullscreen. I have re-downloaded the tekkit launcher, as well as installed and reinstalled all of my modpacks and have gotten nowhere.
Sethine15 8 years ago
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago
cant launch any packs even vanilla B#265] File version.json not found in C:\Users\kody\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\vanilla\bin\modpack.jar thats what is says in consol
kodygardner 8 years ago
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago
I haven't been having any problems with the launcher yet. I must have opened so many Lucky Blocks that I don't apply to launcher downtime because of my luck. Lol.
Corndog52 8 years ago
I haven't been having any problems with the launcher yet. I must have opened so many Lucky Blocks that I don't apply to launcher downtime because of my luck. Lol.
Corndog52 8 years ago
i need help when i try to download ather modpacks it dosent work it always says error
icecat234 8 years ago
This is probably due to an error on the modpack author's end. If the link he provided is invalid, the launcher will return an error. Either that, or the pack(s) is corrupted or in an unrecognized format. Sorry this is giving you issues, hopefully it will be fixed soon :)
Posted by Gryph0nnn 8 years ago
it keeps crashing my video card???
OakkProductions 8 years ago
How the heck can the Technic Launcher crash your video card? That makes no sense.
Posted by KamranMackey 8 years ago
If Technic Launcher is crashing your video card, it may be an issue with the video drivers. Update them, if you haven't already, and try again. Also, are you on Mac or PC? If your on mac, as strange as it seems, some programs just don't get along with the OS causing invalid sequencing and thuscrashing hardware. If it's not drivers, then please send a ticket to Sorry this is being a bugger, hope it all works out soon!
Posted by Gryph0nnn 8 years ago
So do i have to install a new launcher or something?
dougiecraft1234 8 years ago
It should update to 4.265 when you start it up. If it's not doing that, you have a problem.
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago
i can t install modpacks
Guibento_5 8 years ago
what happens when you try?
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago
It's easier to keep track of you if you ask for help at so I'd definitely recommend going there and opening a ticket!
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago