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Technic Tuesday: Launcher v4.256 Goes Stable

Hello, I've just pushed Launcher version 4.256 live.  4.255 was pushed live this weekend as part of a hotfix to reduce load on Solder.  New in this version is Java version selection and some bug fixes to the update process.  We also have a little bit of news.

Platform Changes

We're currently chasing down an issue that causes the Trending Pack recalculation to hurt the site as it's recalculated.  This has been the primary source of outages during the week since January 1.  We've temporarily turned off the nightly recalculation for a couple days while we fix this issue, but it should be back up in a day or two!

This Weekend

This weekend, we had some rolling outages.  There were a few issues that combined together to give you guys a bad time, but the main one was a Real Deal Serious Time DDoS that caused our host to temporarily null-route the Platform site's IP.  We were accidentally leaking some information about our site via our DNS records, and that was giving the attackers ammunition.  Once we found the leak and plugged it, things went back to normal pretty quickly.  We also had some unrelated trouble with the official pack Solder which has now been fixed.  The good news is that we operated for over a day with the DDoS shield up without any real damage to the launcher experience, and we're now very confident in our ability to fend off DDoS attacks, so we don't expect similar problems in the future!  We're looking into ways that we can keep the Discover page active during an attack so that in the future, you guys won't even notice the difference.

During the attack, we put together a launcher hotfix to alleviate pressure and that caused us to push Launcher version 4.255 early.  Tonight we've pushed version 4.256.  We apologize for the double update, but it was important for getting the site running as well as possible.

Changelog: Launcher 4.256

  • There is now the capability to select the java version which Minecraft will run with in the Java tab of Launcher Options. By default, Minecraft will run with the same version of java which is running the launcher, but you may configure it to select an individual version of java installed on your system, or to use the highest-versioned 64-bit version of java known to the launcher.
  • Modpack installs on the Platform are now being properly incremented again.
  • In situations where the local environment prevents the Launcher from setting java properties the way it wants, the Launcher will no longer restart itself endlessly in attempts to fix the java properties.
  • The launcher will now be usable after launching minecraft if the launch action "Stay Open" is chosen in Launcher Options.
  • The launcher will no longer fail to update when placed in a directory whose path includes + symbols.
  • Made some improvements to launcher behavior when overwriting the existing launcher during an update, in order to allow us to better diagnose problems that users encounter.
  • Improved some logging when the launcher fails to pull version info from a pack's linked solder.

This week, we'll be working to improve our Java selection by tying the available RAM options to the selected Java version instead of the launcher's Java version.  We'll also be improving our Maven support for pack authors who choose to include custom libraries in the version.json file.

Thanks for playing, and feel free to come join us in IRC or on /r/technicplatform.  We look forward to seeing you there!


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in the download page, when I try to download the launcher and click {windows} because I'm using windows 8, the site says 'unable to browse page' or things like that. the conputer says there is no problem on the page, and I tried {mac} and {linux} just to make sure but the same thing happens. I checked the technic forum, and other people seemed to be going through the same problem. What should I do, and could you please fix it if you can? I was a luancher user before, and I change my computer. I tried to reinstall the launcher but this is what happens. I really miss technic launcher and I really want to play it. I hope it gets fixed soon. Thank you if you read through this.
sjlee1487 6 years ago
Can you link me on the forum to where people are having tihs problem?
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago
This update and all of the others pushed my internet to its limits seeing that we're already on the negative digits in the broadband department. Would it be possible to add an option next update with the ability to disable/enable auto updates. Maybe it can still inform us that theres a new version but it doesn't do it automatically when we open the application. It would really help! :) Thx,
SamMaherGaming 6 years ago
A lot of updates have important changes in functionality that directly impact our infrastructure. Updates HAVE to be distributed to everyone or the launcher simply wont work if you are on older versions. With the changes to the way the launcher updates though each update should only be about 2MB though. This is pushing you over your bandwidth caps?
Posted by sct 6 years ago | Technic Staff
Unfortunately yes. As i said, we are on the negative side of bandwidth. Surely yes, it may just be me with the problems, and while unfortunate, it is not worth the trouble, and might just not be possible at all. I can accept that. If what you are asking is if the app updates are what caused the slow internet, no. That of course, would be a fault of our behalf, not yours. I see that nothing can be done, and understand. Thanks for making time to inform me about this. :)
SamMaherGaming 6 years ago
We try to only push on Tuesdays for people using the "Stable" stream, so it should only account for ~16Mb per month. Verify that you are set to "Stable" stream in the launcher options.
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago it is a long time ago, and they say theirs worked, but i'm having the problem now, and I've tried downloading it many different hours, but it just wouldn't work. I tried it just now, but I failed again.
sjlee1487 6 years ago
I'm trying to open it, but it is not working, it is not my computer, because with the last technicpack it did open it and it worked.
omar_NL 6 years ago
Please respond fast, I want to play on the techniclauncher a lot, but I can't now.
omar_NL 6 years ago
Every time I load any of the mod packs, the screen pops up but then it stops responding. Is there anyway to fix this because i can't play any of the packs. I have allocated more memory and that hasn't changed anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated
wogboy434 6 years ago
Please help me I cant login to the launcher
csongi2 6 years ago
nice blog thank you
vikkisingh 1 year ago
nice blog thank you
vikkisingh 1 year ago