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Technic Merchandise and You: It Is Now Available

Now you can have it! Working with District Lines we've got Technic, Attack of the B-Team and Blightfall merch to those of you that want it. This is also a way to support Technic directly if you're into that. 
Note that the shirts are silk-screen printed and American Apparel, these are nice quality items.


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kaidance517 7 years ago
Im not saber speakar english
Macs_Plays 7 years ago
is awsome
first coment
can we has another official modpack pls? u guys do the configuring and whatnot very well. that'd be cool.
mikehk 7 years ago
cool and first one
bazeigamertv 7 years ago
mauricio100 7 years ago
Dammit no polos
Soulstorm3000 7 years ago
stop cussing noob
Posted by Kir Mister Sir Guy 7 years ago
That's amazing, I like it!
TheMasterCheifX 7 years ago
nice shirts
nice shirts
how do we get one
FireDemon1111 7 years ago
goldlizard310 7 years ago
Start making cash right now! w­w­w­.­m­i­r­r­o­r­2­5­.­c­o­m­­ 01
innoxentg 7 years ago
Mrlukasportugal 7 years ago
Mrlukasportugal 7 years ago
Mrlukasportugal 7 years ago
Oh, cool! I might buy one of these!
Ahead_ 7 years ago
I'll buy it tomorrow
OmarDaReginelli 7 years ago
im not login play minecraft
viettrunghp78 7 years ago
No login pass ?
viettrunghp78 7 years ago
i don't like it
thenondrager 7 years ago
oh my goy
spikedroid12345 7 years ago
spikedroid12345 7 years ago
How to have an account, login to techic game so everyone, help me with this, please
autoskilllol 7 years ago
doyuny 7 years ago
i'm french :/
ebene25 7 years ago
that is awesome
41Paddy 7 years ago
really?! T-shirts
Mr_Dark583 6 years ago
Very Nice Shirt
Federico101 6 years ago