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Technic Launcher Build #373 Now Stable

The Technic Launcher, build #373 has now been marked at stable.  Non-beta users will automatically download the new version the next time they start the launcher. 

Release notes since Build #365:

  • The launcher will now properly release the file handler for the previous day's logs when the launcher logs rotate at midnight.
  • The launcher will no longer crash in certain rare cases in which Google's json parser would throw an exception instead of an error in response to receiving invalid JSON.
  • Logging in with the same user to different launchers will no longer cause the Technic launcher to lose your login credentials. (Logging in with the old FTB launcher will still cause this issue- FTB users, please be sure to update your FTB launcher.)
  • Bad solder responses when pulling the pack information for a particular build will no longer crash the launcher.
  • Broken build number serialization will now cause the build number to default to RECOMMENDED instead of crashing the launcher.
  • A new, GUID client ID has been added to the launcher, which identifies individual launcher installs to our servers. This GUID is stored in settings.json, and can be provided to the newest version of Solder to identify individual clients and clear them to download private builds and packs for testing reasons (by sct).


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