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Technic Launcher Build #354 Now Stable

The Technic Launcher, build #354 has now been marked at stable.  Non-beta users will automatically download the new version the next time they start the launcher. 

Release notes since Build #342:

  • Errors during a modpack installation now provide user-friendly message boxes indicating what went wrong, when a useful answer is available.
  • Uncaught exceptions in the launcher now once more launch the Error Report dialog.
  • Jar and zip files are now deleted from mods directory subfolders when cleaning out a modpack directory (by spyboticsguy).
  • A new dropdown box is available in the launcher's cogwheel menu which allows you to select the launcher's behavior after launch. By default, the launcher will hide itself and reappear after minecraft closes (by spyboticsguy).
  • The launcher now once again correctly downloads Minecraft sounds and resources (it has been directed to minecraft's new asset server).
  • Post-launch actions will no longer be taken by the launcher if launching Minecraft failed.
  • Some fixes were made to our internal mechanism for testing hidden in-development packs.


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