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Post-Minecon Synopsis & What's Next!

Well, we are all home safe from Minecon and let me just start by saying it was incredible. Being able to meet all of ours fans in person was truly an enlightening experience. Every day we know that what we do is something that millions of people enjoy, but to see the direct result of that in person really just focuses and motivates us to continue to produce better content for the players.

To anyone and everyone that thanked us there for what we do, thank YOU for continuing to support us. We will not let you down!

For those of you that may have not known, or maybe missed it, we were on the panel "Bringing Modding to the Masses." You can watch a recording of it here.

We understand that a lot of you were probably hoping for more information about the future of Technic or what is coming next. Sadly we were not given much time pre-Q&A to really get to explain anything beyond what we do and our panel time itself was only 40 minutes. Do not worry though, we will soon be revealing that information anyways.

In the near-future we will start pulling back the covers on some of the systems we have been working day and night to put into place for you guys. Lots of improvements and changes are coming to the Platform and the Launcher and I am super excited to start showing it off.

Again though, thank you to everyone who continues to support us. You make what we do worth it.


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