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Launcher Version 4.231 Is Live!

On Tuesday, I wrote a newspost about our latest Beta version, and said that we were going to try to push it Stable before this weekend.  Well, it's Thursday afternoon, and the update is live!  You probably noticed during the update process that the fonts are now downloaded separately from the launcher, and that means that you won't have to download them again.  The fonts are now sitting safely in your Technic install, and your updates will only include the great new features and bugfixes that we have planned.  That saves you time and us money.

Secondly, we've spooled up a brand new API on a new service, written in NodeJS.  The new API allows us to scale hardware dynamically, with no wait.  If we have a tough weekend, we can throw some extra workers at the problem for a few hours then bring them back down.  And with NodeJS, our ability to handle your launcher requests is better than ever.  Lastly, the API and site are now on entirely different hardware, so heavy load on one won't affect the other.  This will allow the website to stay up even when there is extremely heavy load, and make ending DDOS attacks a cinch.

Finally, we have many important bugfixes for everything from Minecraft performance to behavior when the API is unavailable.  Take a look at these patch notes (changes since v4.211):

  • Removed the fonts from the launcher package. They will now be downloaded to your .technic folder if they are not present, meaning that you can download and update the launcher without dealing with the large file size.
  • The font Open Sans Bold has been temporarily removed. This will temporarily reduce the visual quality of author names and the News alert, but will reduce the size of launcher asset downloads by 30%.
  • Re-architected the autoupdate system to allow us to add byte patching later.
  • Rebound the platform API from to This URL points at some experimental API hardware that will hopefully allow us to fix the platform's performance on weekends.
  • The launcher will no longer peg a processor at 100% while Minecraft is running.
  • Added Czech language support
  • Fixed typos and translation errors in French & German translations.
  • Fixed typos and translation errors in Portuguese (Brazil) translation.
  • Additional logging was added for Mojang authentication errors.
  • The Technic launcher will now follow 300-level redirects across protocol boundaries (HTTP to HTTPS and HTTPS to HTTP) when downloading mods and libraries and communicating with services.
  • Packs deleted or disabled on the platform, and solder-enabled packs with an inaccessible solder service will now identify as "Offline" in the launcher, and act appropriately.
  • The Launcher startup splash screen is now somewhat less aggressive about its own visibility.
  • The launcher will now function in environments where translucent window support is unavailable, but it will look 30% less rad in those environments.
  • Offline packs with no installation will give a message box declaring themselves as unavailable, instead of throwing an exception.
  • Using unpromoted builds will no longer update to older ones if you are configured to use the beta stream.
  • Added a few utilities which will allow us to make the Java version selectable at a later date.
  • We will no longer fail to update a pack or install portable mode in situations where the launcher wants to move a file to a place where it already is.
  • In cases when the installer dialog is running standalone during the initial installation, clicking the close button at the top right no longer throws an error.
  • In cases when the installer dialog is running standalone during the initial installation, closing the dialog from the operating system (for instance, selecting close from the Windows taskbar) will no longer leave the process hanging.

So try it out, let us know how the launcher and site are performing now, and while you're at it, stop by our new subreddit at and show us what you're building, and what you're planning on playing this weekend.


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the launcher wont work for me
the launcher wont work for me
i accidently deleted a modpack, adn when i try to reinstall it it gives me an error stating that it did not delete properly and thus not allowing me to get the mod back, can someone help me get it back?
RiceKrispy 7 years ago
My technic launcher will not let me download anything. when i try to download something this small box pops up telling me to go to a link
LegendsOfAlexis 7 years ago
I have a major issue with this launcher, I have searched the internet for literally hours and tried everything, but every time i try to even install the launcher it gets stuck on Downloading Launcher Asset: OpenSans+Cy14% or some percent thereof. I have let it sit and try to get past this point overnight and it still has not worked. please help.
DrewVadar 7 years ago
ever since this update iv been unable to login to the technic launcher
reaper433 7 years ago
Test Post. My launcher is giving me the run dialog box and then nothing happens. Where is the link for the . jar file??
Target2_0 7 years ago
I have downloaded this and all it does is give me dialog box to run and then nothing. where is the link for the .jar file?
Target2_0 7 years ago
how come i downloaded a launcher from here and got 4.304 and i cant download any modpacks it says please consult the modpack uthor and i tried to download 20 mods already even hexxit and still
phlareslayer 7 years ago
Uhm i downloaded the New launcher and it won't open, and i downloaded the old one and it opens but when i try to log in it says its says something with My acc and .. Any help ???
BlueDjGoddess 7 years ago
When I click "play" to play a modpack, the launcher will blink and bring itself back up again. I get no error report, it doesn't even load anything except for at the bottom, making you THINK it will work. I've already followed several people's advice on downgrading Java 8 to Java 7, but it still does not work.
smartcookie101 7 years ago
Every time I try opening it, it says: Your OS has prevented this relaunch from completing
DanielsonFOCUS 8 years ago
I would like to suggest a Server tab on the pages for modpacks, to help players and server hosts alike to come together.
Aahzrevian 8 years ago
in the modpack options if you click open it doesnt work for me as in the open modpack folder button
NicosaurusRex99 8 years ago
I can't find help-> every time I try to install it it get stuck at "Downloading Launcher Asset: OpenSans+Cy... 0%" ... I run Win8.1, installed java 8, deinstalled it and installed java7, deleted the .technic folder and tried to install it again, ... nothing.
_Joubi_ 8 years ago
I've been doing battle with the exact same issue and finally resolved it on 3 computers in a row. Try to right-click on the launcher.exe and select run as admin, I know it already requests the uac just double clicking it to run normally but for whatever reason it doesn't get approved. But right clicking and selecting to run as admin initially did the trick without changing java or deleting install directories. Hope this helps
Posted by RoyalKraft11 8 years ago
running as admin didn't fix the issue for me. it's still stuck at trying to download that
Posted by JSwigart 7 years ago
i cant play any of the mod packs pleas help me
ArthurT2012 8 years ago
i have a problem i downloaded The Crafting Dead and i can seem to play it can someone explain
ArthurT2012 8 years ago
i have a problem i downloaded The Crafting Dead and i can seem to play it can someone explain
ArthurT2012 8 years ago
i have a problem i downloaded The Crafting Dead and i can seem to play it can someone explain
ArthurT2012 8 years ago
i have a problem i downloaded The Crafting Dead and i can seem to play it can someone explain
ArthurT2012 8 years ago
i have a problem i downloaded The Crafting Dead and i can seem to play it can someone explain
ArthurT2012 8 years ago
i have a problem i downloaded The Crafting Dead and i can seem to play it can someone explain
ArthurT2012 8 years ago
when launching up a custom pack it wont actually load up but it will go straight back to the launcher ai and its not the pack cuz we have been playing on it for the past week help please
kylem1928 8 years ago
what Java version do you use? I had this annoying bug before, downgrading my Java 8 to Java 7 fixed it for me.
Posted by mather5011 8 years ago
downloading new modpack won't work 4 me :(
bossnessofgames 8 years ago
My problem is with downloading and installing the launcher for the first time on a new computer running Windows 8. It seems to get stuck on "downloading launcher assets: open sans+cy - whatever- 0%" It's been stuck there for the last hour. Windows 8 problem? I just put it on a windows 7 computer without issue.
thegranddewru 8 years ago
Hey I had the same issue! I fixed it by deleting my old technic folder (on windows its like roaming\.technic) and launched the new launcher, that worked for me lmk if you have any more problems
Posted by Deleted User 8 years ago
cant get any mod packs why is this happening
bluephantom 8 years ago
I can't Download any Modpacks. It always says: "Failed to download" And it's always a different file that won't let me download it. So all in all I can't play the awesome Modpacks... ;( Anybody know's how to help?
Snowcreeper 8 years ago
flonicotson 8 years ago
this new launcher has ruined everything for me. for some reason this new launcher is blocked my my computers firewall and I cant play on servers anymore.
johiah 8 years ago
treyvon9999 8 years ago