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Introducing the Technic Platform

Hi everyone. Today we are excited to finally say what we've wanted to for weeks:

Welcome to the Platform.

Technic Platform and the new Technic Launcher represents the culmination of our efforts to make it easy as possible for you to enjoy modded Minecraft with as little hassle for everyone involved. Server operators, players, content creators, and even the Let's Play superstars; the Technic Launcher is here for you.

What started out as an easier way for server operators to run a modded server with Tekkit, has now grown up into a completely customizable delivery platform. Instead of starting from a base of Tekkit, now you can make up your own completely custom package to give out to your players. Now you build your server, you build your client, you update, maintain, add and remove content, you host it, you put it on the platform with your own background, your own logo and give out the Platform URL. Your players simply click "Add Modpack" in the new Technic Launcher, paste that URL, and the Launcher does the rest! No hassle, no drama, just playing the game we all love.

The original Technic Launcher was a leap forward that ended the requirement of manually editing .jar files.  The next generation Technic Launcher together with The Platform will change how you play modded Minecraft... again.

The Technic Platform is an index, from which you build your own modpacks and then share them with anyone you'd like. Server operators are especially able to flex the stregenths of The Platform, because while Tekkit gave a quick and customizable way to run a modded server, with The Platform you will be able to create, from scratch, your own custom modpacks. You can then share them with whomever you like, make them publically visible or hidden for just you and your close friends.

The Platform represents the next-generation of players sharing content.


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Woah, that's a big throwback
kmecpp 6 years ago