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Coming 1.6+ Support in the Technic Launcher and a New Amazon Hire

For anyone wanting to put 1.6 packs on the platform, the Technic Launcher is in beta today for 1.6+ support. As soon as its determined it is stable then the platform will allow 1.6+ packs.


If you're wondering why it has taken so long, we rewrote the entire back end to the launcher and pulled it out from the GUI to act like the new Minecraft launcher that came with 1.6. This means hopefully much better support for past versions + new versions such that it is less hassle every update.


It also means there isn't much left of the Spoutcraft fork that we had so it's a lot more maintainable code, and it also also means that the GUI can safely be updated/revamped without worrying about the back end since they are decoupled now.


In other news Technic Launcher Dev (official title) Olloth has accepted a job offer from Amazon and will be leaving the team in an official capacity come November of this year. He’s been a great asset and will remain a good friend. This makes it the second time that a Technic Launcher developer has been snatched away from us by Amazon! They should really be paying us some sort of finders fee.


Stay tuned for when we fully launch the new launcher and Platform support for 1.6+ and congratulations to Olloth and his success!



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synkal20 5 years ago