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Christmas Day Launch of Platform v2 and Launcher v3

Hi. We're going to be launching the new Platform and Launcher out of beta on Christmas Day. For those of you that have been using the site, thank you, your testing and reports have been invaluable.

We've done everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible, but as is always true with massive changes like this there will be unforseen consequences. We'll let you know if anything changes.

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you said stampy would be there you fucker
hihey 9 years ago
Mie numi merge loginu la technic platform imi zice ceva nume si parola ce parola ca nu inteleg
HeyMatei 9 years ago
I am trying to play Diamond Dimensions and it keeps loading them just closing before it works properly. Also you go to the modpack's url then click where it says install this modpack and the launcher will open and you can install it
StarLord2973 9 years ago
Waiskrim 9 years ago
Can we please have an option to have the old launcher because this new one hits so many pet peeves it's not even funny! 1. the lag 2. you can't cap past 1gb of ram anymore without being a java coder that is a real issue with this shit it severely pisses me off. 3. I have seen no improvements in this at all all it does is visually appeal and spam.
SheerForce 9 years ago
lmeyer67 9 years ago
For the ones having trouble installing mod packs copy a mod pack URL and at the right bottom of the Technic launcher it will say install you don't have to paste it anymore.
Killslim36093 9 years ago
I cannot install any of the modpacks. and none of them will open
lola_blue 9 years ago
My Tekkit Classic dont work like crap please Fix it
NikCool111 9 years ago
How on earth do you add modpacks???????
shadowcat1313 9 years ago
Please restore the changelog on my Modpack. There was a textarea before and now it's gone. That is crap! There was certain information in my changelog and I need them back for restores on my server!!!
Deleted User 9 years ago
Why the hell did you do away with the old launcher? It was working way better than this one. The original technic modpacks wont show up and all other sorts of weird crap is happening! I don't think I am alone in this boat!
I'm mac and I cannot launch my modpack at all
Chikerenaham 9 years ago
Launcher does not load on Ubuntu 12.04.5 with JDK 1.6.0_45. The error message logged is as follows: [B#191] 2014/12/25 18:43:18 [SEVERE] Unhandled Exception in Thread[main,5,main] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The window must use a translucency-compatibl e graphics configuration at com.sun.awt.AWTUtilities.setWindowOpaque( at net.technicpack.ui.controls.installation.SplashScreen.(SplashSc at net.technicpack.launcher.LauncherMain.startLauncher( :207) at net.technicpack.launcher.LauncherMain.updateAndRelaunch(LauncherMain. java:307) at net.technicpack.launcher.LauncherMain.main(
erbo 9 years ago
It won't load, It won't let me get on it at all.
coolsoccer99 9 years ago
It won't load, It won't let me get on it at all.
coolsoccer99 9 years ago
Its not the best update thats happened, on my modpack my about tab and the changelog have been wiped, things are a lot slower on the new launcher and every pack seems to be stuck in offline mode apart from the official technic ones, and also what happened to the disqus discussion tab will that be added later on or will there be another feature like it because that was a very useful thing, hopefully you get all the issues fixed soon
whitepyros 9 years ago
ok boys n girls you log into your account on this website select the modpack and hit instal then go to the launcher and it should be there ready to install
larawyer 9 years ago
Another thing, it doesn't let me on modpacks that I downloaded. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!
DiamondDude634 9 years ago
Lets just say this STUPID WEBSITE doesn't tell you how to use solder. It just says install. Not how to actually install it to your account and HOW TO FREAKIN USE THE ACTIVATION CODE!!!!! If any of you guys could help, you'll see no more complaining from me. It's either teach me how to use Solder, or tell me a website to use as a good download link. Because dropbox sucks.
DiamondDude634 9 years ago
really need to get the s*#t sorted out guys the launcher is crap forcing my computer to crash or do a system memory dump witch i know is the launcher as my computer is new and am not that dumb my modpack is off line witch means the server is on hold as my online mode is set to TRUE ! cant even open up my old pre-saved modpacks "any of them" but are still on my computer in the folders there ment to be in on top of this you site is running like a bag of s*#t why you thought it would be good to do this on X_MAS day i have no clue so many pepole will have got new computers to day witch would have ment an extra load on your servers anyway do you not think of these things b4 hand ?
harry538 9 years ago
Am I the only one who thinks trying to do a software deployment on one of the busiest days of the year was a bad idea? If I had a nickle for every 502, 504, bad gateway, "Whoops, something went wrong" error I've received, I be rich.
Dockter 9 years ago
Didn't find any of my installed packs, didn't find a way to install a new pack not in the list. Installing those in the list just doesn't work. Interesting Xmas gift.
Ahkronn 9 years ago
How are you supposed to add custom or private packs now? The search function doesn't work and pasting the pack URL in the search bar does nothing. Thanks for breaking the launcher; it's useless now.
Ipwndurwife 9 years ago
it sounds cool, but when i try to open it, it takes forever to open (it hasn't even opened yet). all it shows is the symbol and i have to force quit it. kinda pissed off about this. please fix it
LarryTheWord 9 years ago
How do you add new modpacks?
wearypuppy 9 years ago
How do you add new modpacks?
wearypuppy 9 years ago
Man , CRASH!
ANDREI.USER 9 years ago
no option to add new modpack
Matt_Shad 9 years ago
Your website is having a very hard time responding, it keeps crashing. Also, I cannot find captainsparklez survival modpack (PixelSpark) anywhere. This is really making me mad because the launcher didn't save any of the modpacks I had previously installed, and I can't re-install them because either the page won't load, or I simply just can't find it.