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Big Dig 1.3.4 Is Now Recommended

A new version of Big Dig has been pushed to address an incompatibility between Galacticraft and Easy Crafting.  Easy Crafting has been removed and replaced with the mod Project Bench, which provides similar functionality to Red Power 2's project bench, and which is fully compatible with other mods in Big Dig.  Additionally, Treecapitator support has been added for Natura's trees.

The new version is already marked as recommended and users will be prompted to download it the next time they launch Big Dig.  The new server version is available here.



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I think that Big Dig is in need of some major updates. It also needs new mods to make it relevant
tom.wiggin2 4 years ago
this problem that you have spoken of in the past well .... it isn't resolved me and a friend tried to start up a server and this problem came up so i don't know about you but this is frusterating
masissave 4 years ago