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Wylker Interviews MachineMuse

Posted on: 05-31-2013
Wylker interviews MachineMuse and finds out what got her into coding and modding. MachineMuse developed Modular Powersuits.

Wylker Spotlights Minecraft: MFR Logic Tutorial

Posted on: 05-31-2013
This is a video dedicated solely to the new Programmable Rednet Controllers in Minefactory Reloaded. While the video covers all the features of PRCs, it barely scratches the surface of what you can do with them.

Tekkit for Minecraft 1.5.1 Trailer and Interview

Posted on: 05-31-2013
On Friday May 3, 2013 Tekkit updated to Minecraft 1.5.1. This is a two part video - a teaser of the amazing mods included in the new Tekkit, and an interview with the people who brought you Technic, the Technic Platform, Tekkit Classic, and Tekkit.