Platform FAQ

Have some questions as to how all of this works? This page will hopefully answer the most common questions we receive in regards to The Platform. If you have any further questions you can always feel free to ask our forums.

Q. What is the Technic Platform?

The Technic Platform is a system that indexes and manages a list of modpacks that are fully compatible with the new Technic Launcher. The goal of The Platform is to make playing modded Minecraft as easy as possible for everyone involved, from server operators to the players themselves.

Q. How do I make a modpack?

One thing we can't do is teach every user how to compile modpacks. We will strive to put together some helpful guides to lead you in the right direction but in the end we are not going to be a support site for making modpacks.

If you already know how to compile a modpack then you simply just need to register an account on The Platform, add your modpack to the system and point the Modpack Location field to your zip file.

Q. Will this site make or host modpacks for me?

No. You will have to create the modpack on your end and find reliable hosting yourself. The Platform does not and will not host any modpacks. It simply points to the location where you host it.

If you have a problem with a modpack you should take it up with the user who compiled it and the host where it is located.

Q. Do I need permissions from the mod authors?

Retrieving permissions from the mod authors is your responsibility. We can't screen every single pack that enters the system and make sure it has proper permissions. We provide a location in your modpack for you to enter in details about your permissions & licensing.