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Sprite index limits, block ID limitations, and base-class edits. These are the terms you were familiar with had you modded Minecraft back in the day. You opened .jars as .zip files, you might have even heard about this brand-new API called Forge and how some modders were choosing to use this API instead of modifying Minecraft directly.

In August of 2011 the goons of Something Awful were discussing various mods, mostly centered around the original popular modpack, YogBox. While most mods tended to be of the adventure variety, a new type of industrial-style mod started to become mature. Getting a stable game going with the most fleshed-out and popular ones, KakerMix released it as a small modpack on the SA Forums. It managed to gather a few tens of downloads, and one of them was Lewis of Yogscast fame. He did a series on it, suddenly thrusting Technic, the mods it contained and the modders themselves into the faces of millions of new fans. With the sudden exposure and fame, KakerMix started to focus the sudden influence into a tool of good for the community.

Technic coalesced into a team of people and began to pump out community-altering projects. The Technic website and Forums gave a place for people to discuss things in a respectable way with hard-hitting moderators and at least the illusion of quality control. The Technic Launcher finally hit home the idea that people don’t want to hand-modify .jar files to play modded Minecraft. Tekkit gave server operators a chance to actually run and play a heavily modded Minecraft server by easily having a standard client to point users to, introduced modded Minecraft to hundreds of thousands of players, and gave thousands of (mostly hopeful) YouTube stars a block of content to play with. Voltz showcased an unheard of team and their creations, giving them a huge bank of eager consumers within a week of it’s launch. More recently the new Technic Launcher and Technic Platform are poised to again streamline down modded Minecraft, and make it seamless for content creators, server operators and players to kick back and play, create, claim and enjoy the game they love with as little hassle as possible.

Technic as an identity and community has made it’s mark on Minecraft, what was once a .zip file is now a multiple-hundred-thousand strong powerhouse of the community. Players, server operators, content creators, map makers and burgeoning YouTube stars now have the Technic Platform to help make Minecraft what they choose it to be.

Technic Staff

KakerMix Literally Stalin

KakerMix put together the Technic Pack in 2011 for the Something Awful forums. It was picked up by the Yogscast (also of SA forums) propelling KakerMix’s name into infamy. In the time since KakerMix gathered up people with far more talent than he had to help make Technic great. The main site, forums, Tekkit, Voltz, Technic Launcher and now Launcher v2 and Platform are all a product of this gathering of excellent people, with KakerMix in the background greasing the wheels and making sure the whole thing doesn’t collapse in a big mass of drama.

Cheap Shot Resident Arter and Farter

Before doing any kind of art for Technic, before Technic was even a thing, Cheap played Minecraft with his friends. Like most, packing mods was impossible rocket science to him. KakerMix took pity and packaged the mods to spare him. That pack of course became the Technic pack and was leaked and went viral. Cheap Shot decided to look at the silver lining. Modpacks in the community could be a great tool and help a lot of people enjoy mods. He offered his artistic services to that end, making Technic more then just a run away pack. Briefly he was a webcomic artist for the Yogscast, looking for satire in the world of Minecraft. Technic was always his true focus however.

Sct Coding Wizard

Sct has been involved with Minecraft since Indev. After being introduced to mods and Technic, Sct was immediately pulled in and started to host his own modded Minecraft servers. Having now run a successful Tekkit server, Sct offered to help develop and test future versions of Tekkit. This lead into a complete website redesign (and now another one!), Tekkit 3, The Platform, and help developing the new launcher. Some have claimed Sct is a real life wizard, but there is no solid evidence to support this claim.

CanVox Pack Welder

CanVox's experience with Minecraft modding first began when he ran a short-lived Terra Firma Craft server, which he modded to add additional server op utilities. Since then, CanVox has created a few small mods (OffLawn!, with Rhodox of the Painterly Pack and An Obsidian Plate), an improvement to the Minecraft renderer, and a fairly successful Technic Platform Pack, Big Dig. Today, CanVox continues to manage Big Dig, now a Technic pack, along with the development of all Technic modpacks.

Olloth Coding Wizard

Olloth originally took over hosting of a Minecraft server for the #retribution channel on synirc. There, KakerMix, Olloth, and Cheap Shot began getting heavily into Minecraft multiplayer. After a while, Olloth helped KakerMix set up a modded server and everyone got into technical mods. Olloth went on to develop for the Spout project (Spout.org) and after some time, gave advice on forking the Spoutcraft Launcher for modded minecraft installation. Most recently, he forked the Spoutcraft Launcher himself and developed the new Technic Launcher in conjuction with the Platform.

Agelian The All Knowing

Agelian, the mysterious genius, brought his talent to the team early in development. He used his impressive coding skill to construct the first Technic launcher from a spout fork, which did just the trick for making Technic the success it is today. Since then he has become incredibly successful and moved on to greater opportunities. Despite this he remains our friend and team member. Agelian helps Technic in dire emergencies and offers sage advice that keeps Technic always on course in choppy waters.

Previous Contributors

IceWolf Pack Architect

As an early adopter and persistant lurker in the minecraft community, IceWolf was enticed when the first mentions of a "Technic Pack" made their way to him. Having spent a large amount of time in many different modding communities, he was pretty familiar with the hassle of merging mods and redistributing them to friends. After researching what the goal of Technic was, he met up with KakerMix on the SomethingAwful forums to help him more easily package, test, and distribute the pack so it could be enjoyed by a wider audience. Currently IceWolf spends his time managing the packs in the Technic Launcher, helping users with troubleshooting, and working directly with modders to help get quality content to the players