MineTek 4

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Quite possibly the most insane multiplayer modpack ever created, you really experience the very best the modding community has to offer with MineTek, the latest creation from ScarecrowKrone. Space stations and lunar bases? Check. Massive, crazy factories making every kind of machine possible? Check. Adventures with magic and mayhem? You got it! Travelling to alternate dimensions in a minecart while wearing the most powerful suit of armour ever devised, all the time launching missiles at your rival and laughing maniacally? Sure! A combination of all four? Why the hell not!

Welcome to MineTek! The modpack of why the hell not! If it hasn't been done already, or even if it has, you can do it with this pack!

Latest Update

MineTek 4 was updated to version
MineTek returns as the greatest tech modpack you will ever play!
  • Created By: ScarecrowKrone
  • Modpack Created: 2013-04-04
  • Last Updated: 4 months ago
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