Website: tekkify.com

Tekkify is a modpack which includes a variety of mods including tech, magic, farming and decorative mods. Tekkify's prime purpose for the modpack is the large and flourishing server we run. It is our goal to provide a fun and enjoyable experience to all players, whether this is your first time playing with mods or if you're a modded Minecraft veteran.

Latest Update

3.1.2 has been released! - NEW! - Thaumic Energistics and BiblioWoods Forestry have been added - UPDATES! Most mods have been updated to the latest versions - Unfortunately due a bug we haven't been able to update CoFH and add Thermal Dynamics.
A modpack featuring tech, magic, farming and decorative mods. We are a large and flourishing modded server community, come join us!
  • Created By: Nentify
  • Modpack Created: 2013-03-03
  • Last Updated: 1 month ago
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