SFT Pixelmon

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NOTE: If you want to use the Shaders version of the modpack you will have to manually select the build from the modpack options in the launcher. Shaders is not enabled by default.

1. Open your Technic Launcher and click "Add new pack" and paste in your Platform URL (Found above)
2. Paste in our Platform URL and click play, the pack will now start downloading.
3. Our server IP is already located in the client so you're all set to start your adventure!

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Survival (MC Vanilla - Server IP: mc.superfuntime.org)
Factions/Creative/more (MC Vanilla - Network IP: play.superfuntime.org)
The Lost Islands (modpack link)

Latest Update

Want a chance to win free stuff? Check out our forums! We're giving away free legendaries, shinies, rare candies and much much more! all you need to do is like the modpack and submit a screenshot here https://goo.gl/6CuYFH
Based on Pixelmon and enhanced with several aesthetic mods which further expand the immersion into the Pokemon universe. You can take this immersion even further, by joining our server and competing with hundreds of other pokemon trainers
  • Created By: dpa1991
  • Modpack Created: 2013-07-31
  • Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Pixelmon Server Multiplayer Pokemon legendarys enabled 3.5.1