Outer Colonies

ModPack Note:

This modpack requires a pretty good computer even at it's defaults.  A lot of players have had problems when first launching the pack. The majority of these issues have been players using Old 32 bit JAVA with only 1GB of RAM.  This simply is not enough to run the pack.  If you get low FPS on launch please make sure your using 64 bit JAVA and have at least 2 GB of RAM dedicated in the Technic Luancher!

When you boarded the Federation Colony Ship ( FSC 452 Attis ) in Earth orbit you were bound for the growing colony world of New Albuquerque.  Packed into the tiny bio chamber you suddenly wished you were on one of the larger colony ships already headed to the new world. The cargo room on this small ship was precious and you left far too much behind for your liking.

However, something went wrong and instead your undersized colony ship has been stranded many light years off course on a completely uncharted world.  10 Years have gone by since the landing and the crew have begun to waken more colonists from their bio chambers now that there is the beginnings of infrastructure to support life.  Having never intended to colonize an entire world by itself your new colony is anything but highly advanced.  The colonists have struggled to bring us back to an industrial age.  You'll find available to you an odd mix of home developed steam and combustion technologies with bits of higher technology scavanged from the ship.   

Survival on this world will not be easy. The new capital city needs resources, and lots of them, so your tasked with heading out into the wild and establsihing new towns and even nations to support the growing world.  Perhaps even discover a way back to the stars.

Official server details are included with the pack.

Environment Mods:
Pam's HarvestCraft
Biomes o' Plenty
Lycanites Mobs
Animals +
Twilight Forest
Plant Mega Pack

Decorative Mods:
Carpenters Blocks
Chisel Mod
Immbis Microblocks
Furniture Mod

Storage Mods:
Applied Energistics 2
Backpack 2 Mod

Tools and Weapons Mods:
Metallurgy 4
Parachute Mod

Technology Mods(by Age):
Enhanced Portals 3

Client Side Mods:
Inventory Tweeks
REI Minimap
Damage Indicators
A Fun retro style modpack to challenge players in a new and exciting world.
  • Created By: Otrillion
  • Modpack Created: 2013-11-14
  • Last Updated: 1 year ago