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Created: 02-19-2013 - Last Updated: 1 year ago

It's a brave, new world...

Created: 03-22-2014 - Last Updated: 39 days ago

Pixelmon pack that is being used at We are using pixelmon mod supplied to us by All the credits for creating the modpack goes to them, we do not claim to own it or be the creators of it.

Created: 09-27-2013 - Last Updated: 1 year ago


Created: 10-05-2014 - Last Updated: 11 days ago

Modpack Oficial da Série Quebra do Tempo.Feito por: Nofaxu

Created: 10-10-2013 - Last Updated: 206 days ago

[Now 1.6.4] SERVER: - Welcome to the great adventure to the final frontier, space! This is a custom mod pack inspired by the YOGSCAST’s MoonQuest series with over 50 mods, shaders and more!

Created: 02-10-2014 - Last Updated: 258 days ago

Minecraft com Mods Terceira Geração

Created: 03-13-2013 - Last Updated: 12 days ago

Halo mod for minecraft 1.6.2- SSP AND SMP SERVER HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!

Created: 03-03-2013 - Last Updated: 5 days ago

CraftMine is a Minecraft-based game which expands on the current concept of Minecraft. CraftMine is the future of Minecraft - made possible now.

Created: 03-04-2013 - Last Updated: 80 days ago

Economy, tech and magic pack all rolled into one amazing system. Over 110 mods and exclusive features

Created: 03-08-2013 - Last Updated: 235 days ago

This is the first paintball mod pack on Technic!

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