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Created: 09-27-2013 - Last Updated: 280 days ago


Created: 10-10-2013 - Last Updated: 113 days ago

[Now 1.6.4] SERVER: - Welcome to the great adventure to the final frontier, space! This is a custom mod pack inspired by the YOGSCAST’s MoonQuest series with over 50 mods, shaders and more!

Created: 03-13-2013 - Last Updated: 30 days ago

Halo mod for minecraft 1.6.2- SSP AND SMP SERVER HAS BEEN RELEASED!!! ****NEW**** BLOOD GULCH FREE FOR ALL (and edited Team Deathmatch) SERVER!!!

Created: 03-08-2013 - Last Updated: 142 days ago

This is the first paintball mod pack on Technic!

Created: 03-04-2013 - Last Updated: 26 days ago

Economy, tech and magic pack all rolled into one amazing system. Over 110 mods and exclusive features

Created: 04-21-2013 - Last Updated: 117 days ago

The world is falling apart! Space travel, tornadoes, land slides, cave-ins, block physics, meteor strikes, guns/bombs/tanks/planes, undead hordes, boss monsters, Universal Electricity mods, Zipline, animated textures. *SERVER DOWNLOAD*

Created: 03-17-2013 - Last Updated: 1 year ago

this Modpack Has: ships and boats mod.

Created: 03-03-2013 - Last Updated: 7 hours ago

CraftMine is a Minecraft-based game which expands on the current concept of Minecraft. CraftMine is the future of Minecraft - made possible now.

Created: 08-22-2013 - Last Updated: 4 days ago

The official modpack for Pyrostasis youtube channel.

Created: 02-10-2014 - Last Updated: 165 days ago

Minecraft com Mods Terceira Geração

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