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Labcoat Gamers Custom Modpack Released!

This customized modpack is a blending of Tekkit  familiar mods, the Universal Electricity Mods (No ICBM, sorry), Mekanism; Thaumcraft 4, Twilight Forest , ExtraBiomesXL and quite a few other nifty mods that the Labcoat Gamers community has requested for the server! This modpack grows and shrinks dependant upong requested mods, and what is updated or no longer works.

Science, Magic, Farming, Building...you name it. We're playing with it in this modpack.

Version Now Live!

This custom mod pack is the one that is set up to run on the Labcoat Gamers Community modded Minecraft server as maintained by ErusUmbros.

Full Mod Listing:

Coming Soon! (*Valve Time)

Reccomeded Texture Pack: RIGHT HERE

*Note: Texture Pack is a customized Sphax PureBDCraft setup. It covers about 95% of all the items within the modpack, as some things just aren't Sphax-ified yet.
The Labcoat Gamers Custom Mod-Pack for the LHC!
  • Created By: ErusUmbros
  • Modpack Created: 2013-03-05
  • Last Updated: 2 years ago