Dungeon Hunter (yogbox+)

This modpack has the same mods that are in yogbox, but updated to 1.6.4
If you like yogbox please give a +!!

1.7.x WIP

See my other modpacks: http://www.technicpack.net/user/view/42176
Notice that Czer's modern pack requies at last 2gb memory selected in technic launcher

If you know some fun adventure mods, write the name of it in disscusion and give me link, I can check it and add to this modpack.

Updated to 1.6.4. Some mods are romoved, so create new world. Keep inventory on death is removed, so enable cheats and use the command "/gamerule keepInventory true" to keep your items.

If you have error / If you have downloaded modpack but there is no mods:
Download: https://samepage.io/
And put it in cache folder in .technic/modpack/i-dont-know-this-name folder (yea I can't change folder name now XD)

This is single player, you can play over LAN with a friend.
If someone can do a server for me, I'd be happy

Known issues:

To do list:
-Make own dungeon, same as you can see on logo
-Make 1st own mod

Mod list (WIP) :

Not Enough Items
Mechanics Mod(JumpPad)
TreeCapitator, CrystalWing, StartingInventory
CustomLanPorts (mod isn't updated to 1.6.4)
Damage Indicators
Enhanced Books
Rei's Minimap
Airship Mod
Small Boats
Minions, Ropes+, BattleTowers, InfernalMobs
Better Dugeons (chocolate quest)
Biblio Craft
Mo' Creatures
Dimensional Doors
equivalent exchange 3
Enchanting Plus
Inv. Tweaks
Falling Meteors
Millenaire - villages mod
More health
More bows
Twilight Forest
Balkon Weapons Mod
RPG inventory
Dynamic Sword Skills
Mutant Creatures
Ars Magica2

And other mods that are in yogbox+some new mods!

Thank to Mechtechnology for artwork (logo and background)

My email - [email protected] - (can someone buy me minecraft gift code? :D)
report bugs in disscusion

Latest Update

Updating to 1.7.2... mods creators are so slow with updating their mods..
All yogbox's mods updated to 1.6.4 + some more adventure mods
  • Created By: CzerPL
  • Modpack Created: 2013-03-15
  • Last Updated: 2 months ago