D.E.T.S. III - Reforged

We would really like to have some feedback about this modpack and what mods are bad and what mods we should get. It would be great if you could fill out this form! Thanks!

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Are you bored out of your mind playing modpacks that just seem to lose their "Magic" after one day? If so then you have chosen the perfect modpack! This modpack takes you on an adventure of RPG. With so many mods and features it's hard not to have fun! You can even start your adventure with a friend! With lots of amazing wepons, structures, items, magic and LOADS MORE!

Your adventure begins here! In this modpack you'll be able to find new structures, craft legedary weapons, start a family, go explore a new dimension, survive the night from creepy enchanted monsters and become the legend you were born to be! Where will your story begin? In a great castle, a creepy ghost town or even a small shack! This is your legend and you get to write it! So download this modpack and dive into your epic adventure now!

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Install Notes:

This pack requires 2gb or more to work properly. Change it in your launcher by clicking the Gear in the top right corner of the Technic Launcher. Then selecting the drop down to add more RAM. If you can only choose 1gb then you must have Java 32 bit installed. If your computer is 64 bit and it has Java 32 bit I would recommended getting 64 bit Java. If your computers 32 bit DO NOT get Java 64 bit.

Recommended build means the least buggiest so I would use Recommended if I was you. Unless you want to expieriment with Latest/Dev builds!

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If you have a bug or a problem look in the Known Bugs section before notifing us!

Orignial Creator: RONNOC777

Current Owner and head developer:


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Major Bugs you should avoid running into them! These will corrupt/crash your game and worlds!

Major Bugs:

Thank you for playing this modpack it's greatly appreciated! Any comments or suggestions/improvments we would love to hear them! Happy Adventuring - The DETS Team!

Latest Update

D.E.T.S. III - Reforged was updated to version 1.7.2
DETS II brings a whole new level from Don't Eat The Stone! With 80 amazing mods you can enjoy lots of new adventures. With MCA, Infernal Mobs, Better Dungeons and more! You choose your own path! Create your adventure! Its up to you!
  • Created By: fightingsora
  • Modpack Created: 2013-06-26
  • Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
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