Zeplines And Boats
by legofanatic0502 - Minecraft: 1.2.5

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thank you people for cooperating with the modpack not being finished,I am so sorry that you can't piolt your zeplines,boats,and submarines. I am trying to figure how to do this on a mac,so I created another modpack called "The Campers Modpack" which uses the newer versions of minecraft forge and mods.so i am going to start useing the newer stuff so I know what I have to do for this modpack.
I will post when that modpack works then I will fix this one.

ok I am sorry that I couldent do anything about the pack in a month because I was finishing up school and wanted to end the year strong,so I am going to email the technic staff about my problem talk to you guys then.

Oh and if you see the name Austin Innis that is me.

-Took out other mods
-Implimented Forge 1.2.5 ~3.8.8
-Added optifine
-Added Ships And Boats mod

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Created: 03-17-2013

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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