MineTek Reborn
by ScarecrowKrone - Minecraft: 1.7.10

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MineTek 1.7.10 now released! All builds including and after 2.5 are 1.7.10.

NOTE: From version 2.5 onwards, this pack is no longer being actively worked on by ScarecrowKrone, despite what the title says. The new head developer is skwerlman, who may or may not present himself in the comments section, but can easily be found on the website.

1.6.4 Server Files (Currently at version 2.1.2) Do NOT report 1.6.4 bugs! We no longer provide support for 1.6.4 users!
1.7.10 Server Files (Currently at version 2.5, 2.7 files coming soon)


Server Address: play.minetekmc.com

Report bugs and issues (with attached crash log) here

Quite possibly the most insane multiplayer modpack ever created, you really experience the very best the modding community has to offer with MineTek, the latest creation from ScarecrowKrone. Space stations and lunar bases? Check. Massive, crazy factories making every kind of machine possible? Check. Adventures with magic and mayhem? You got it! Travelling to alternate dimensions in a minecart while wearing the most powerful suit of armour ever devised, all the time launching missiles at your rival and laughing maniacally? Sure! A combination of all four? Why the hell not!

Welcome to MineTek! The modpack of why the hell not! If it hasn't been done already, or even if it has, you can do it with this pack!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ScarecrowKrone

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/scarecrowkrone

If you have the issue where the pack launches and doesn't load correctly, make sure you increase RAM allocation in the Platform Options. The Platform Options menu can be found in the top right hand corner of the Platform, before you load a pack. Click the cog symbol.


-Version 2.8.3:
- Removed CustomNPC's.
- Removed Advanced Genetics
- Removed MrCrayfishFurniture
- Added BluePower
- Added Optifine
- Updated Hardcore Ender Expansion to version 1.6.7.
- Updated iChun Util to version 4.1.2.
- Updated IndustrialCraft2 to version 2.2.658.
- Updated MFFS to version
- Updated Morph to version 0.9.1.
- Updated Nether Ores to version 2.3.0-RC4-4.
- Updated Project Red to version
- Updated Resonant Induction to version
- Updated Thermal Expansion to version 4.0.0-B8-23.
- Updated Thermal Foundation to version 1.0.0-RC1-13.
- Updated Balkons Weapon Mod to version 1.14.3.


-Version 2.6.7:
- New recommended build
- 1.7.10 Rebuild
- Actually Scare's last pack update (No, honestly, I'm done).

-Version 2.5:
- Pack updated to 1.7.10.

All 1.6.4 Changelogs can be found here (https://github.com/ScarecrowKrone/MineTek/tree/1.6.4). 1.6.4 development is now terminated.

A small collection of commands used to facilitate server administration.

Applied Energistics is a Minecraft Mod which contains some basic tools, some electric tools and an advanced storage system called ME that lets you store items compactly and in the way you want.

1.7-1.1.4-300 Artifice by Shukaro

Artifice adds worldgen, new blocks, and new items.

Simply put; this mod provides a variety of different backpacks for your convenience! Whether you're hunting, mining, farming or adventuring, we've got your back! *sigh*

Throw a spear in a zombie's head! Cut a skeleton in half with your brand new halberd! Shoot some slimes in pieces with an old musket! And more!

A core library of classes required for Gendustry.

Bibliocraft introduces loads of new blocks and items designed for storage. You'll never have a disorganised base again!

The mod is designed to be a mid-to-late-game complement to less-realistic mods such as Thermal Expansion, BuildCraft, and Minefactory Reloaded. These mods all offer fun ways to manipulate and "industrialize" your Minecraft world, and rely on a shared power framework. My core design goal is to provide fun, engaging power systems that are "inspired by" real ones, while maintaining a light-hearted "video game" feel. It should be fun to set up your reactor, fun to modify it, and fun to figure out how to make it work the way you want: more power, less fuel consumption, or even a highly-automated sprawling mega-reactor should all be possible.

Adds 87 brand new, awesome biomes to the game!

Extending Minecraft with pipes, auto-crafting, quarries, engines and much more!

This mod adds slopes and a custom variety of vanilla-inspired blocks to the game. The custom nature of these blocks allows players to cover them using most solid blocks in the game. Once covered, they look and act just like the block they're mimicking, but in entirely new shapes! For example, make some obsidian stairs that are resistant to explosions. Or, make glowstone take the shape of a pyramid top. With Carpenter's Blocks, building takes on new possibilities!

CodeChickenCore is a library mod containing required classes for all ChickenBones mods to function.

CoFHCore is a library mod containing required classes for all TeamCoFH mods.

ComputerCraft is a mod created for Minecraft by dan200 that adds Computers, Monitors, Modems, Turtles and more!

This modification makes 'shining' items (default: Torch, Glowstone, Glowdust, Lit Pumpkin, Redstone, Lava Bucket, powered Minecart) illuminate everything around them if 1) the player has them equipped (in hand/armor) 2) they are dropped on the ground 3) another player has them equipped in Multiplayer On top of that, burning Entities shine light, and Creepers about to explode light up!

This mod completely gets rid of the randomness of enchanting and allows you to pick what YOU want on your tools! It is. It will register enchantments that other mods add and will show up for the appropriate tool.

1.7.10- EnderIO by CrazyPants

A mod developed by CrazyPants which adds compact liquid conduits, energy conduits and redstone conduits, power generation, machinery, remote area access (enderIO), transceivers and more!

EnderStorage is a mod that offers a means to store your items in The END, causing them to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. All EnderStorage makes use of the magic of colors to link storage with its little piece of The END. Any EnderStorage with the same color code share inventory (even across dimensions).

Just a bunch of fairly useful things

This mod adds many machines for processing ore and crafting. It also has a few other useful things.

The goal of this mod is to automate tree farming as much as possible without becoming entirely overpowered.

1.7.10- Minecraft Forge by LexManos

Minecraft Forge API provides functionality for all Minecraft mods, and includes key features like the Ore Dictionary which enables mods to be used side by side.

Advanced powered apiary with tons of upgrades Genetic manipulation of bees, trees and butterflies Forced mutation Construction of new organisms from genetic templates

Hardcore Ender Expansion offers unique, new content across the End. The dragon became a truly challenging boss with a great reward, but the adventure doesn't end there. The End is no longer just an island. Go investigate unique ores, battle new mobs, travel to new biomes, the death awaits you! ... I mean, adventure. Adventure awaits you.

This mod adds an Aesthetic feature onto players, namely Hats

This mod adds a whole new series of solar panels, each one more powerful than the last!

1.7.10-2.0.3 IC2 GraviSuite

No Description

iChun Util is a library mod containing the required classes for all iChun mods to function.

Immibis Core is a library mod containing required classes for all Immibis mods.

Immibis Microblocks aims to replace most of Redpower's multiblock functionality.

Immibis Peripherals adds several extra peripherals for ComputerCraft.

Create obstacle courses of Metal Poles and Rubber-Sheets, explore the Nether with an Electrical Jetpack or blow up whole landscapes at once by using the Dynamite-O-Mote. Or discover the much more complex mechanisms of Nuclear Engineering, blow up your hut or burn your hands. Or grab the rusty ol' Composite Vest, and start hunting Creepers with the new, all-mighty NanoSaber.

This client mod allows you to easily manage your inventory, in both single player and multiplayer. It works out of the box, and will make you gain a massive amount of time! It automatically replaces your tools as they break, and item stacks once emptied It sorts your inventory and your chests in a single click/keystroke It provides lots of powerful shortcuts to move items around It allows you to customize entirely the way your inventory is sorted, thanks to clever configuration files

Jabba (Just Another Better Barrel Attempt) is a storage mod aiming at making a better barrel than what is already out there. It introduces one block (the barrel itself), a set of upgrades and a dolly to move things around.

This is a mod that adds liquid XP, and related machines. You will need a mod capable of transporting liquids, such as Buildcraft, Thermal Expansion or RedPower 2.

1.7.10-0.3.1 Mantle by mDiyo

Required coremod for Tinker's Construct.

1.7.10- Mekanism by aidancbrady

Mekanism is an extensive mod featuring innovative ways of electricity generation, advanced ore processing machinery, new sets and types of tools and armor, and much more. If you like high tech machinery that extends your resource collection and processing, then this mod is for you!

Mobius Core is a library mod required for all ProfMobius mods.

“Acquire” most living mobs by killing them (a morph). This includes other players, silverfish, mobs from Twilight Forest, Mo’ Creatures, Ore Spawn, and more!

1.7.10- Mystcraft by XCompWiz

In the Myst series, there are special books that describe wild and varied new worlds, called Ages. These Ages can be written with a special language, and the books they are written in can be used to visit those Ages. Some ages can be beautiful and safe, while others can be inherently unstable and dangerous.

Adds ores to the Nether. Nuff said.

NEI is a successor to both Too Many Items and Recipe Book. It arose around the same time as Craft Guide when Alexandria and a few others on the IRC suggested that I merge both Too Many Items and Recipe Book to remove their greatest flaws, ironically too many items, or in the case of recipe book, too many recipies. Too Many Items was great, but the one thing it lacked was an easy way to search and sort your items. When you had a mod like Red Power coming along with 10000 items both TMI and Recipe Book were racking up the pages. Even if you don't want to use NEI for cheating in items, you will likely feel right at home with the Recipe component of the mod.

1.7.10-1.3-snapshot-502 Open Blocks by Mikeemo

OpenBlocks introduces a range of random ideas into minecraft. There is no theme. Some of it is rather silly!

This mod adds programmable, modular and persistent computers to the game.

Our primary aim is to collect and share vital information to allow us to provide a set of tools to the community to make the experience easier, drama-free and more secure for both users and modders.

1.7.10-0.6-snapshot-264 Open Mods Lib by OpenMods

Required coremod for OpenBlocks.

1.7.10- Project Red by MrTJP

ProjectRed is a Forge mod for Minecraft, co-developed and maintained by MrTJP and Chickenbones. It brings vastly improved redstone control via compact wiring and integrated logic gates. It written inside the ForgeMultipart API.

Redefine your Rails!

The successor to JakJ's excellent Redstone in Motion, Remain In Motion continues his work and introduces new features!

This mod is a remake of the original Soul Shards mod, that never got updated.

Steve's Carts 2 is the minecraft mod dedicated to let you experience the minecart system to its max. Instead of the three normal ones you can design your own. This is not a matter of making them looking as fancy as possible, even though many people would argue for them being fancy, but instead a way to add the features you would like to have in a cart.

This mod provides clones, or as we like to call it, “shells”. These shells are basically a new individual, with their own inventory, experience level, and even gamemode.

1.7.10- Thaumcraft by Azanor

Thaumaturgy is the capability of a magician to work miracles. A practitioner of thaumaturgy is a thaumaturge, thaumaturgist or miracle worker. This is what this mod is all about - drawing magic from physical objects in the form of Essentia and reshaping it to perform miracles.

An addon mod for Thaumcraft.

Tinkers' Construct is a mod about putting tools together in a wide variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else. The tools never disappear and can be named and changed to your heart's desire. Once you make them, they're yours forever.

This is a simple utility mod, and my first mod at that. Not all mods allow you to disable their world gen, and sometimes you want multiple mods worth of ore gen, but without using lots of inventory space to store all the different kinds of copper, tin or silver.

Translocators provides a cool way of moving items form chest to chest.

This mod allows you to chop down an entire tree (leaves and all) by harvesting one of its logs. Based on Terraria tree-cutting style.

Tubestuff adds some extra blocks and machines that are very useful when used in conjunction with other Tech mods.

Imagine stepping through a portal into a twilight realm, filled with trees as far as they eye can see. Breathtaking vistas and amazing discoveries await you around every corner. But beware! Not all denizens of the forest respond to your intrusion lightly.

VoxelLib is a library containing common functionality used by a number of other mods in the modpack such as the common configuration interface VoxelOptions, the VoxelPacket subsystem and various other minor APIs which would otherwise need to be duplicated in each mod.

What Am I Looking At is a small mod that does exactly what is says; tells you exactly what you are looking at, and which mod it is from!

This mod provides a client-side user interface for the WorldEdit plugin allowing you to see your selected region in-game in real time. It allows you to work more quickly and accurately with your WorldEdit selection and is especially useful when working with Polygon, Convex Hull and Cylinder selections.

Yet another map mod!

A library mod containing the core files required for all bspkrs mods.

Machines, Devices, Tools, a system of energy that sets standards, Fluids, and things you can throw!

Expanding Minecraft Thermally! This mod is required for Thermal Expansion and gives modpack makers a way to add resources to their worlds without needing to install all of the tech and other goodies that come with TE.

A compilation of all the configs required for this modpack to work.

Extra Cells is the first Applied Energistics addon, implementing quite some very useful functions. EC began with just being an addon for bigger storage cells, but after that it evolved into the AE Fluid System.

WRCBE is a very useful mod allowing for the exchange of wireless redstone signals.

Galacticraft allows you to explore the solar system in your own spaceship.

Modular Force Field System is a Minecraft mod that brings in modular force fields into Minecraft. Ever tired of nuclear explosions blowing up your house or want to prevent people from entering your secret bases? May the mass times acceleration be with you!

A technical mod (like IndustrialCraft 2, BuildCraft, and Redpower 2) which is all about pressurized air.

Chicken bones chunk loaders, mainly for loading chunks.

Adds various different foods, and plants to the game to create many different types of real world food all varying in the amount of hunger they restore.

Biomes O' Plenty integration for Bibliocraft.

Adds Forestry integration for Bibliocraft.

Adds tons of new blocks to design and decorate with, most are just for aesthetics.

Adds tons and tons of new furniture to make home building that much more fun.

Add on for extra utilities, adds a ender version for quite of bit of things including arrows, bows, bags and a few other things.

Adds an early game way to generate ores, also makes generating ores quite a bit easier.

1.7.10- Iron Chests by cpw

Iron Chests add several new tiers of chest into the game.

Logistics Pipes is an extensive overhaul of the Buildcraft pipe system. It allows for better distribution of items via pipes, more organised stockkeeping and easier automated crafting.

1.7.10- Minechem by pixlepix

Chemistry in Minecraft!

1.7.10- Project Red by MrTJP

ProjectRed is a Forge mod for Minecraft, co-developed and maintained by MrTJP and Chickenbones. It brings vastly improved redstone control via compact wiring and integrated logic gates. It written inside the ForgeMultipart API.

This mod is a must-have for any server admin, as it will allow you to spot the chunks which are eating up your TPS, the worse tile entities or simply jump anywhere you want.

MineFactory Reloaded is the ultimate tech expansion mod! Providing hundreds of innovative ways of doing things, with MFR you can automate everything. Literally.

1.7.10-0.1.766 BluePower by Quetzi

RedPower, but blue!

1.7.10- Baubles

No Description

Resonant Engine is the new dependency library for Calclavia's mods.

1.7.10-HD-U-B4 Optifine by sp614x

This mod adds support for HD textures and a lot of options for better looks and performance. Doubling the FPS is common.

Resonant Induction is a realistic Minecraft tech mod centered around electricity.

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