Joshmoni's Jurassic Pack!
by joshmoni - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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Thank you for taking notice of my modpack! Please take some time to make a technic account and +1 the modpack. It really does help! Why not check out my other Modpacks too? I advise you to read the information below to save you, and me, a lot of time. We're very active so if you have any questions, dont be affriad to comment or contact me. Enjoy your stay! 

Contact:- Email: [email protected]

Sphax:- Coming Soon

Server I.P:-

Server Files:- Coming Soon (Please don't ask when!)

1. Open the Technic launcher and double click add modpack
2. Go to the top of this page and copy the Platform URL
3. Go back to the Technic launcher and click paste
4. After clicking Add Modpack select the modpack and click launch
5. Wait for the modpack to download (may take a while) and then I would advise restarting the modpack and your ready to play. 

None at the moment

Fossils & Archaeology - by 4f6f3b
Metallurgy - by Shadowclaimer
- Attachable Grinder - by iChun
Applied Energistics - by AlgorithmX2
Barrels - by Need4Poop402
JABBA (Better Barrels) - by Profmobius
Big Reactors - by Unknown
Biomes O Plenty - by Glitchfiend
Blood Magic - by WayofTime
Buildcraft - by SpaceToad
- ChocoCraft - by Torojima
Chisel - by Automatic_Maiden
Dynamic Lights - by Unknown
- Damage Indicators - by rich1051414
- EE3 - by Pahimar
- EE3 Condencers - by LatvianModder
Ender Storage - by ChickenBones
Extra Cells - by LeonElf
Extra Utilities - by RWTema
Ex Nihilo - by Erasmus_Crowley
Factorization - by NeptunePink
ForgeMultipart - by Mr_TJP
Forestry - by SirSengir
Extra Bees - by Binnie
Extra Tress - by Binnie
- Galacticraft Micdoodle Core - by Micdoodle8
- Galacticraft Main - by Micdoodle8
- Galacticraft Moon IO - Curently been tested so may be removed
- Galacticraft Mercury - Curently been tested so may be removed
- Galacticraft Mars - Curently been tested so may be removed
- Galacticraft Europa - Curently been tested so may be removed
- Galacticraft Venus - Curently been tested so may be removed
GeoStrata - by Reika
- Hats - by iChun
Inventory Tweaks - by Unknown
Iron Chests - by Cpw
- Jump Pads - by Unknown
Logistics Pipes - by Thezorro266
- Modular Turrets - by Unknown
Magical Crops - by Mark719
Mekanism - by aidancbrady
Mekanism Tools - by aidancbrady
Mine Factory Reloaded - by skyboy026
- Modular Powersuits - by MachineMuse
Monis Mod - by joshmoni (me)
- MrCrayfish Furniture - by MrCrayfish
Not Enough Items - by ChickenBones
NEI Addons - by bdew
NEI Plugins - by Mistaqur
- Natura - by progwnl6
- Nether Ores - by power_crystals
- Numina - by MachineMuse
Open Blocks - by Mikeemoo
Open Computers - by Sangar
Optifine - by Unknown
Project Red Base - by Mr_TJP
Project Red Compat - by Mr_TJP
Project Red Integration - by Mr_TJP
Project Red Lighting - by Mr_TJP
Preject Red Mechanical - by Mr_TJP
Project Red World - by Mr_TJP
Railcraft - by CovertJaguar
Simply Jetpacks - by tonius11
Soul Shards REBORN - by Moze_Intel
Translocators - by ChickenBones
Tinkers Construct - by mDiyo
Thaumcraft 4 - by Azanor
- Thaumic Tinkerer - by pixlepix
- Thermal Expansion - by KingLemming
Useful Foods - by Silentspy
WAILA - by Profmobius
Xerxes Weapons - by Great_Xerxes
- Quarry Plus - by yogpstop
Zans Minimap - by MamiyaOtaru

Not Important Core Mods:-
Autoutils - by ...
CodeChickenCore - by ...
CoFHCore - by ...
Dragon API - by ...
KeithyUtils - by ...
OpenModsLib - by ...
PowerCrystalCore - by ...
iChunUtil - by ...
Slick Util - by MachineMuse

Who Cares?


(19th October) 4.1.2 Bug Fixes!
Added More Galacticraft Planets
Fixed Big Reactor Recipes
Fixed Unstable Ingot Conflict
Fixed Chococraft Straw Recipe
Fixed Forestry Recipes
Removed Jump Pads (unfixable server problems)
Organised on screen hud (Oxygen meter, Thaumcraft meter, Damage Indicators, WAILA, Armour HUD, Minimap)

(15th October) 4.1.1
Removed Mo Chickens
Added Chococraft
Fixed Modular Powersuits Recipes
Galacticraft Changes

(11th October) 4.1.0
Added Damage Indicators
Added EE3 + Addons
Added Jump Pads
Added Mo Chickens
Added Modular Turrets
Added Natura
Added Nether Ores
Updated Fossil Archaeology
Removed Paleocraft (BUG + CRASHES)
Removed The Lion King Mod (UNPOPULAR)
Removed Custom Recipes (NO LONGER NEEDED)
Removed Eternal Frost (BUGS)
Removed Growthcraft (NO REASON)
Removed Telepads (BUGS + NOT WORKING)
Removed Battle Towers (COMPLAINTS ABOUT LAG)

(23rd August) 4.0.9
Added Modular Powersuits
Added MrCrayfish Furniture
Added Telepads
Added Vending (trading mod)
Swapped Opis Maps to Zans Minimap
Removed Extended Workbench (Unknown Crashes)
Removed Morph (Gets a little boring and crashes with almost ever dinosaur!)
Disabled Elevators Requiring XP
Fixed a lot of conflictions with the Fossil Mod
Fixed a lot of conflictions with Extra Utilities
Fixed a lot of conflictions with Project Red

(5th August) 4.0.7
Mainly a few bug fixes
- Removed Nature (breaks the nether)
- Remove Battlegear 2
- Added Quarry Plus
- MFR ID changes
- Project Red ID changes

(29th July) 4.0.0
Forth and hopefully last modpack on this page, i'm proud to bring you Jurassic Pack!

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