MoonQuest Yogscast Modpack!
by joshmoni - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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This Modpack includes all of the mods that the yogscast use in their latest series 'MoonQuest', including some that people in the comments and on the server have suggested. All the mods and other information are listed below (the mods that i have added to the pack can be found in the Changelog). If you have a problem, or even a question, just comment and I will be sure to answer you as soon as I can. There is a public server you can join and also download the server files from below and run a server for you and your friends to play.

Are you getting stuck on the Mojang screen, or freezing on a white screen? Please can all of you go to the settings on the Technic Launcher. Increase the RAM [memory] to about 3GB or higher and then tick the Increase PermGen Size. If that doesnt work just reset the pack. Please e-mail for any more info, im happy to help! And please give the pack a +1, it really helps.

Feel like helping me out? Why not donate? I don't want to do this to make a profit, i do it for fun! All donations go into the server and will increase memory and RAM. Without donations the server wouldn't be running. All dontators will get some cool donator items and a colouful prefix! The donator items and extra's are listed below. 

Donation Group One (Miner Package) £5.00
This is one of the more popular donation groups as you will receive most of the basic donator items and perks. The main reason why most of my players have donated is, not only to help the server out, but for the extremely overpowered tools and weapons! These tools consist of: all the diamond tools with all the main enchants of lvl 9999; a diamond sword with all the combat enchants of lvl 9999; and a bow with, yet again, all the main enchants of lvl 9999! The recently added mod Mekanism added another tool, the paxel. There is now an option to trade the pickaxe, shovel and axe for the paxel, which will have all the same enchants as the diamond tools. This donator group also gets some cool and unique commands. The main command is /fly which will allow you to fly when and wherever you want! The other command is the /set home command. Ever player on the server has the ability to set just 1 home, however this group can place 5 and therefore you can have loads of different teleport locations throughout the world! More commands will be added over time. Another little extra that this group gets is $100,000 in server cash. There are many things to spend this money on, from the buying more land to buying rare items from the server shops! Due to the server been so popular lately you now get a reserved spot in the game so you will always be able to join! 

Donation Group Two (Space Package) £10.00
Not only does this package get you everything from the Miner Package, but you get some cool items from the mod 'galacticraft'. You will receive: a rocket with a full tank of fuel and 9 launch pads; all the oxygen gear and enough oxygen to keep you alive for days; and also your choice of 3 galacticraft machines to provide the power and progress you need to explore the outer dimensions! You can also choose 1 item from the nei, no matter how expensive the item is! Similarly to the Miner Packageyou will receive the /fly command and the ability to set more homes. However, instead of only been able to place 5 homes you can set a massive 15 homes and so you'll never need to set waypoints or walk long distances again. You will also receive $250,000 to spend on expanding land and purchasing items. An optional extra to this package is the levels, if you so wish, you will be given 100 levels to enchant your very best tools, weapons and armour! And don't worry this package still reserves you a place to join a full server. As for every donation group, anything that is added over time you will be guaranteed to be given.

Donation Group Three (Cheater Package) £15.00
This donation package puts you at the top of my dedicated players list and yet again this package will get you everything from theMiner packageandSpace packageincluding some incredibly over powered armour! You get the choice of either diamond, obsidian or quantum armour. The diamond and obsidian armour will come with all the main enchants of lvl:9999 including thorns, which means, when someone or some mob hits you they will immediately be killed! You also be able to sleep in lava for about about 2760 years and be able to fall from the moon and survive :L Yes this armour is over powered but if you don't fancy such power then you can opt for the quantum, which, unlike the obsidian and diamond, can be legitimately made in game over time. Yet again you will have /fly and /set home but this time you have no limit as you can set as many homes as you wish! As in the space package you will get the choice to receive 100 enchanting levels and you also have a reserved spot in game! Then for the massive amount of money you get, $1,000,000 not much i need to add onto that! As another reward for donating you also get to choose 1 item from nei that you can use for as long as you want, most choose the hv solar or the mfsu! I hope you consider it and if so thanks for keeping the server running!

How To Download:-
1. Open the Technic launcher and double click add modpack.
2. Go to the top of this page and copy the Platform URL.
3. Go back to the Technic launcher and click paste.
4. After clicking Add Modpack select the modpack and click launch.
5. Wait for the modpack to download (may take a while) and then I would advise restarting the modpack and your ready to play.

How To Improve Perforance:-
This might not sound like it works but it dose, all you have to do is set Java to High Priority. Follow the steps below to do it.
1. Press CTRL, ALT and Delete at the same time
2. Click on Task Manager
3. Click on More Details
4. Under apps, right click on Java Platform
Click on go to details
On the seleced program right click and hover over Set Priority
Click on Realtime, or High
This should boost your minecrafts performance.

Texture Packs:-
SphaxPureBD 128x128:- Download Here
SphaxPureBD 64x64:- Download Here
SphaxPureBD 32x32:- Coming soon

Server Dowload:- [HERE] 6.5.22 Last updated 7th April

Ender Storage
Compact Solars
Enchanting Plus
Industrialcraft 2
Inventory Tweaks
Iron Chest
Nether Ores
iChun Util
Portal Gun
Red Logic
Greg's SG Craft
Team Fortress 2
Not Enough Items
Damage Indicators
Biomes O Plenty
Universal Electricity
Galacticraft 2.0.7
Galacticraft Planets 2.0.7
MicdoodleCore 2.0.7
ICBM Sentry
ICBM Gadgets
Atomic Science
Dynamic Lights
Rotten Flesh to Leather
Hats & Hats Stands
Chicken shed
Buildcraft Tools
Custom Recipies
Tinkerers Construct
Archemedes Ships
MrCrayFish Furniture Mod
Dimensional Anchor

(For a list of every added mod that isn't in MoonQuest go to the changelog)

Recent Changes:-

(7th April) (6.5.21)
Added Mystcraft
Removed Shaders... Need some work doing (will be added again soon)
Added Soul Shards
Fixed A LOT of bugs

(4th April) (6.5.2)
Finally Fixed Shaders! (Added all the main shaders)
Updated Galacticraft
Updated MrCrayfish
Updated BC Tools
Updated BiblioCraft
Updated Damage Indicators
Updated NEI
Updated CodeChickenCore
Updated Ender Storage
Updated Hats & Stands
Updated Portal Gun
Updated iChunUtil
Updated Tinkers (not to latest version)
Updated Atomic Science
Updated Universal Electricity
Updated Calclavia

(10th march) (6.5.1)
Updated Sphax!

(24th February) (6.5.1)
Update galacticraft
Updated Atomic Science
Update Calclavia
Update ICBM
Update Universal Electricity
Tinkered with ICBM configs (maybe I should have tested it first)

(20th February) (6.5.0)
Fixed Updated ICBM - Atomic Science - Universal Electricity
Updated Server

(19th February) (6.4.9)
This is the last main update for a while so it's a biggun!
Added Thermal Expansion
Added Thaumcraft
Re-Added Dimensional Anchors
Updated a few configs
Updated Forge

(17th February)
Fixed Server files

Replaced all of immibis with project red - NOTE EVERYTHING FROM IMMIBIS HAS BEEN REMOVED
Fixed conflicts with icbm and SGcraft

(10th February)
Updated Galacticraft - Should fix the endless crashes...
Updated Atomic Science - Should work with IC2 now, not 100% sure...
Updated Universal Electricity
Updated Calclavia Core
Updated Artifice - Should fix the corrupt chunks
Updated IC2

(2nd February)
Updated Atomic Science
Updated Universal Electricity
Added Calclavia Core
Updated ICBM
Updated Mekanism Generators
Updated Mekanism Induction
Updated Mekanism Tools
Updated Mekanism
Updated Immibis...
Updated IC2
(Some other minor fixes no one need to know about)

(26th January)
Fixed a lot of Industrial Craft 2 crashes
Updated server files to 6.4.2

(21st January)
Made mac compatible
Removed Mutant Creatures (mac issues) Mod will be back soon
Removed ICBM Explosives

(19th January)
Added Brains To Leather
Added Binnies (bees and trees)
Updated Buildcraft
Updated Ic2
Updated Ismmibis...
Updated Biomes O Plenty

(23rd December)
Updated server files 6.3.5

(22nd December)
Added Ender Storage
Updated Chococraft
Updated IC2
Updated Tinkers Construct
Updated Dimensional Anchor
Updated Immibis Core
Updated Tubestuff
Updated Immibis Microblocks
Updated Redlogic
Updated Galacticraft

(12 December)
Updated server files to 1.9

(9th December)
Removed Thaumcraft (need permission)
Removed Resonant Induction (need permission)
Removed Mystcraft (need permission)
Updated Atomic Science
Updated Universal Electricity
Updated Galacticraft
Updated Buildcraft
Updated Custom Recipes
Updated Tinkers Construct
Updated ICBM Sentry
Updated ICBM Contraption
Added ICBM Explosives
Added Chicken Shed
Added Enchanting Plus
Added Mekanism
Added Compact Solars for IC2
Fixed Dynamic Lights
Moved oxygen bars to the left (covered mini map)
Made moon bosses 4 times stronger
Oxygen Collectors will no longer consume leaf blocks

(3rd December)
Updated Server Files to 1.7
Fixed error with forestry causing the server to crash!

(27th November)
Updated Server Files to 1.6
Added IC2
Removed Biomes XL
Added Biomes O' Plenty
Updated Buildcraft
Updated BiblioCraft
Fixed Mystcraft

(21st November)
Updated Server Files to 1.5
Removed Tux Weapons as it crashes the server... a lot!
Fixed Apiarist Pipe Causing crash
Fixed Atomic Science

(18th November)
Updated To 1.6.4

(Before Time Began)
Uploaded server files

Recent 5 Mods:-
Team Fortress 2

List of mods that have been added to the main MoonQuest mods:-
Compact Solars
Enchanting Plus
Industrialcraft 2
Inventory Tweaks
Iron Chest
Nether Ores
Portal Gun
Red Logic
StarGateTech 2
Team Fortress 2

All of the mods in this pack have been downloaded by me. All the config files have been edited by me and they are to go with this modpack. If you wish to add mods to this pack not only do you run the risk of minecraft crashing but when i update the pack the mods you added may be deleted and your world save might become corrupt. The mods that have been added to the Moonquest mods where suggested by players in the comments and on the server. Advetising any other modpack or copying the configs and using them in your modpack is against the terms of technic. Feel free to make a server but DO NOT advertise in my comments section! Thank you and enjoy!

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