Minecraft's Middle-Earth RPG
by joshmoni - Minecraft: 1.7.10

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The server is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready for anyone to join. My servers have been online over a year already and they're planned to stay online for the outlying future! With joining such marvellous servers comes a small list of responsibilities, they have been set forward for the sake of you and everyone around you. Please read below or click here to read more about the server and what we expect from you as a player on Joshmoni’s Jurassic Server! Hope to see you there soon.

1. Open the Technic launcher and double click add modpack
2. Go to the top of this page and copy the Platform URL
3. Go back to the Technic launcher and click paste
4. After clicking Add Modpack select the modpack and click launch
5. Wait for the modpack to download (may take a while) and then I would advise restarting the modpack and your ready to play. 

Controls & Key Binds -  Donation Groups -

21/12 1.038
Added Quests
Updated Optifine

15/12 1.0.37
Fixed fast travelling!

13/12 1.0.34
Fixed crash when opening Middle-Earth map

13/12 1.0.20
Moved Jurassic Future - http://www.technicpack.net/user/view/274052
Added 3D Furnace
Added Aquaculture
Added Attachable Grinder
Added Backpacks
Added Better Furnaces
Added Better Title Screen
Added Biblio Craft
Added Binnies Mods
Added Blood Magic
Added Botany
Added Buildcraft
Added Chisel
Added CCC
Added CoFHCore
Added Damage Indicators
Added ExNihilo
Added Extra Bees
Added Extra Trees
Added Extra TiC
Added Forestry
Added Genetics
Added Hats
Added HQM
Added iChunUtil
Added Inventory Tweaks
Added Iron Chests
Added Journey Map
Added Lanteacraft
Added Logistics Pipes
Added Mantle
Added Metallurgy
Added Metallurgy Core
Added Mincroblocks
Added Minemenu
Added Mo' Pickaxes
Added Morph
Added Nether Ores
Added NEI
Adden NEI Addons
Added Optifine
Added PR Base
Added PR Integration
Added PR World
Added Railcraft
Added Secret Rooms
Added SSR
Added Tabby Chat
Added Thaumcraft
Added The Lord Of The Rings Mod
Added Tinkers Construct
Added Tinkers Tooltips
Added Travellers Gear
Added Witchery

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Created: 07-19-2013

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