by death9407 - Minecraft: 1.6.4

Platform URL

The official Treeit website is at http://www.treeit.us
The official Treeit forum is at http://forum.treeit.us

The official Treeit server's IP is treeit.us:1337
(Apply for the whitelist in the forums)

You can find Treeit Light, or Treeit for Toasters, here.

Treeit is now being sponsored by:


After much deliberation, I will be updating to later, because the server is finally up again!


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SphaxPureBDCraft 64x

Server Downloads:

Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)

Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)

Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)
Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)
Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)
Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)
Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)
Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)
Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)
Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)
Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)
Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)
Treeit Server (MCPC+)
Treeit Server (Vanilla)

1.5.2 Server:

Treeit 2.1.3 Server (MCPC+)
Treeit 2.1.3 Server (Vanilla)

1.4.7 Server:

Treeit 1.7.5 Server (MCPC+)
Treeit 1.7.5 Server (Vanilla)


This modpack started off as a simple updating of Tekkit Classic to 1.4.7, the current version at the time.  It quickly ballooned from there, with friends and others requesting additions, until it became something special, a combination of FTB, UE, and Tekkit, with some other things thrown in that gave it its individuality.


Know how much RAM you have in your computer.  Most computers nowadays come with 2+GB of RAM, but you cannot allocate all of it.  Windows 7 and 8 use ~1 GB to run, so you can only really use 1GB.  

Allocating 2 GB of RAM for Treeit right now works.. with 1.5GB or 1 GB you might get by.
Crashes in RainForest are due to not enough RAM being allocated.  ;(More blocks being rendered = More RAM used.) You are least likely to crash in a flat world, or in a plains or ocean biome if you have low RAM.

If you get Address Violations when you increase your RAM, you may have given Java more RAM than your computer has!

Known Annoyances:

The textures need to be updated!
No time to play Treeit myself.
It's much easier to just regenerate the configs than try and get the old item IDs to work.

Known Bugs:


Version - Updates and Additions!
* Added Advanced Thaumaturgy, AquaCulture, Battle Music, Blood Magic, Enchanting Plus, ExtraTiC, QuiverBow, Redstone Arsenal, Thaumic Exploration.
* Removed Archimedes' Boats Mod, Immibis Core, Immibis Peripherals, SpecialMobs and Multimine.

Version - Last update till!
* Updated Project: Red to fix a memory leak, updated LomLib, Equivalency, and EE3 to latest versions to fix a Project:Red related crash.
* Downgraded Applied Energistics to rv13 to address Logistics Pipes crashes.
* Updated MCPC+ Server Build.

Version - More fixes.
* Updated ExtrabiomesXL
* Fixed Aluminum generation in Servers.
* Fixed glitched Sakura tree textures
* Updated MCPC+ Server Build

Version - Fixed Aluminum generation.

Version - Fixed another bug.
* Packaged Forge Multipart and CodeChickenLib so they download with Solder instead of Forge.

Version - Fixed a bug.
* Fixed Forge Multipart having two versions.

Version - Another reboot.
* Added Ars Magica 2, Forbidden Magic, Magical Crops, Metallurgy, KeithyUtils, MrCrayFish's Furniture Mod, Multimine, Tinker's Steelworks, and SpecialMobs.
* Updated Alternate Terrain Generation, Atomic Science, Big Reactors, Calclavia Core, Carpenter's Blocks, ChickenChunks, CodeChickenCore, CompactSolars, EnderIO, Ender Storage, Equivalent Exchange 3, ExtraBiomesXL, Extra Cells, Extra Utilities, Galacticraft, Hats, Immibis Core, Immibis' Peripherals, ICBM, IndustrialCraft 2, JABBA, Logistics Pipes, Magic Bees, Mekanism, MFFS, NEI Addons, Not Enough Items, Open Blocks, OpenModsLib, Open Peripheral, Railcraft, Resonant Induction, Tinker's Construct, Thaumcraft, Thaumic Tinkerer, Tinker's Mechworks, Universal Electricity Core, Waila, and Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones' Edition.
* Removed Useful Food, Tubestuff, Soul Shards 2, Better Breeding, and Advanced Reactors.
* Created 'A' build lacking Atomic Science, ICBM, and Resonant Induction.

Version - Updated EE3 to fix a bug, and to make Alchemical Bags and Alchemical Chests work.

Version - Revert MFFS to the recommended build,, to fix a memory leak.

Version - Updated Jabba.

Version - Some lag fixing changes
* Added ChickenChunks, Jabba, and Underground Biomes.
* Updated Atomic Science, Bibliocraft, Calclavia Core, CompactSolars, Equivalency, Equivalent Exchange 3, ExtrabiomesXL, GrowthCraft, ICBM, IC2, Iron Chests, LomLib, Mekanism, MFFS, NEI Addons, Resonant Induction, Thaumic Tinkerer, Universal Electricity Core, and Waila.
* Changed the way Hats mod is packaged.
* Disabled Project: Red Volcano Gen (Lag!).
* Removed Mariculture and Obsidiplates (duplicated functionality in carpenter's blocks).
* Updated MCPC+ Server build.
* Broke Item IDs again :(

Version - Client Only
* Updated Carpenter's Blocks.

Version -
* Updated Logistics Pipes
* Got rid of an annoying update notification.

Version - Massive Worldgen changes!
* Added Alternate Terrain Generation, BiblioWoods Highlands Edition, Highlands, Mariculture, OpenPeripheral, and Waila.
* Removed Better World Generation, MCCapes Extra, and OpenCCSensors.
* Updated Aroma1997Core, Atomic Science, Big Reactors, bspkrsCore, Calclavia Core, Carpenter's Blocks, Compact Solars, Compact Windmills, EnderIO, Equivalent Exchange 3, Extra Cells, GrowthCraft, ICBM, Immibis Core, IndustrialCraft 2, IronChests, Logistics Pipes, Mekanism, MFFS, Modular Powersuits, MystCraft, NEI Addons, Numina, OpenBlocks, OpenModsLib, Resonant Induction, Thaumic Tinkerer, and Universal Electricity Core.
* Updated MCPC+ Server Build.

Version -
* Updated Growthcraft to fix a crash bug.
* Now using TechnicSolder!

Version -
* Removed some backup configs from some zips (derp).

Version 3.4.0 - Er. I seem to have misplaced the ChangeLog.

Version 3.3.0 - Lots of stuff!
* Added Modular PowerSuits, Extra Utilities, GrowthCraft, Obsidiplates, NotEnoughKeys, MechWorks, OpenBlocks, Open Mods Lib, Ender IO.
* Removed Weeping Angels, LiquidXP, Advanced Power Management, Basic Components, Advanced Reactors.
* Updated EE3, Advanced Machines, BuildCraft, CodeChickenCore, NEI, ComputerCraft, IC2, Forge, Iron Chests, RailCraft, Additional Buildcraft Pipes, Compact Solars, immibis core, immibis' peripherals, tubestuff, OpenPeripheral, Forestry, Steve's Carts, Core Machine, Fluid Mechanics, Galacticraft, ICBM, Mekanism, UE Core, Aroma1997 Core, BiblioCraft, Big Reactors, bspkrsCore, CoFHCore, Thermal Expansion 3, TreeCapitator, Equivalency, LomLib, Extra Cells, Flan's Mod, Parts Pack, Ye Olde Pack, HeldCore, Logistics Pipes, Magic Bees, Minefactory Reloaded, NEIAddons, Project: Red, qCraft, Thaumic Tinkerer, Tinker's Construct.

Version 3.2.4 -
* Added Big Reactors, Simple Recycling.
* Updated Mekanism, galacticraft, dark's core machine, fluid mechanics, ICBM, Atomic Science, UE Core, Steve's Carts, Thermal Expansion, CoFHCore, OpenPeripheral, IC2 Exp, Railcraft, Advanced Machines, Tubestuff, Applied Energistics, Project: Red, Tinker's Construct, Thaumic Tinkerer.

Version 3.2.3 - *Should be stable now*
* Downgraded Mekanism again (incompatible with Galacticraft at newest version).

Version 3.2.2 - UE Update!
* Updated Mekanism, UE Core, Atomic Science, ICBM.
* Removed Portal Guns.

Version 3.2.1-1 - Client only
* Fixes ID Conflicts in BinnieCore.

Version 3.2.1 -
* Downgraded Mekanism.
* Updated NEI Plugins.
* Fixed NEI not working.
* Fixed Mekanism tab crashing Minecraft in creative mode.
* Fixed Flan's not being loaded.

Version 3.2.0 -
* Removed RedLogic, Immibis' Microblocks, REI's Minimap, Pam's HarvestCraft.
* Added NEI Addons, Project:Red, Thermal Expansion 3, NEI Mystcraft Addon, Core Machine, Fluid Mechanics, HeldCore, Portal Guns, Voxelmap, UsefulFood.
* Updated Minecraft Forge, IC2 Experimental, Iron Chests, NEI Plugins, Compact Solars, Immibis Core, Nether Ores, Nuclear Control, PowerCrystals Core, ExtraBiomesXL, iChun Util, MystCraft, Steve's Carts, Atomic Science, ICBM, Mekanism, Universal Electricity Core, Bibliocraft, Equivalency, Extra Cells, Logistics Pipes, MFR, Soul Shards 2, Thaumcraft, Thaumic Tinkerer, and Tinker's Construct.
* Updated MCPC+ Build.

Version 3.1.0 -
* Removed OptiFine, SecretRooms Mod, and BattleGear 2.
* Updated IC2, NEIPlugins, IronChests, Compact Solars, RedLogic, Forestry, Steve's Carts, Mekanism, Galacticraft, Applied Energistics, Archimedes Ships, Aroma1997Core, Extra Cells, Logistics Pipes, Soul Shards 2, Thaumcraft, Tinker's Construct, Thaumic Tinker.
* Updated MCPC+ Build.

Version 3.0.0 - Initial 1.6.4 Release! (Countless switcharoonies, I lost track :P).

Version 2.1.3 - A cleanup that came along with the release.

Version 2.1.2 -
* Updated Redstone in Motion
* Updated MCPC+ build
* Downgraded IC2 build to 364-lf.

Version 2.1.1 -
* Updated Redstone in Motion, Applied Energistics, Thaumcraft
* Updated MCPC+ build
* Downgraded buildcraft
* Tweaked Artifice config so flowers are gone from the moon.

Version 2.1.0 -
* Removed BWGv4, HarvestCraft, Mob Amputation.
* Added Useful Food.
* Updated Redstone in Motion, Tinker's Construct, Forge Multipart, Artifice, Big Reactors, Logistics Pipes, Applied Energistics, Algaecraft.
* Added startup scripts for servers.
* Tweaked config for nether ores and modular powersuits.
* Fixed bonemeal-magic bug.
* Did a slight change with the ic2 version; now it is compiled with the latest, instead of an old version of forge.

Version 2.0.4 -
* Updated ExtraBees and ExtraTrees.
* Updated MCPC+ build.
* Fixed angry pigmen bug.
* Fixed bonemeal not working on trees.

Version 2.0.3 -
* Added Fluid Mechanics and Better World Generation.
* Updated ExtraBees and ExtraTrees.

Version 2.0.2 -
* Updated to the newest versions of NEI, CodeChickenCore, EnderStorage, and WR-CBE (derp).
* Removed immibis' microblocks from NEI (so it's less laggy).
* Added Bukkit-events buildcraft to MCPC+.

Version 2.0.1 -
* Added Advanced Reactors.
* Updated Forge.
* Fixed Copper and Tin spawning.
* Fixed "Time Twister" Radiation.
* Removed Yellorite worldgen (too much uranium!).
* Updated MCPC+ server build.

Version 2.0.0-1 -
* Fixed Enderstorage bug in MCPC+.

Version 2.0.0 - Initial 1.5.2 Release.
* Switched back to Advanced Repulsion Systems.
* Removed RedPower, F4113nB34st's mods, Liquid-UU, Balkon's Weaponmod, Seed Manager.
* Added iChun Util, immibis' peripherals, MiscPeripherals, Equivalency, Lomlib, Compact Windmills, Big Reactors, Steve's Carts 2, Tinker's Construct, BiblioWoods, Galacticraft, MPSA, Immibis' Microblocks, RedLogic, Archimedes' Ships, Artifice, Redstone in Motion, Algaecraft, HarvestCraft, Complex Machines, Liquid XP, ForgeMultiPart, GraviSuite, Secret Rooms Mod, Ropes+, and Thaumic Tinkerer.
* Updated everything else.

Version 1.7.5 - Cleanup along with the release.

Version 1.7.4 -
* Fixed ICBM crashes by downgrading to ICBM (from

Version 1.7.3-2 - Client and Vanilla.
* Removed Advanced Repulsion Systems.

Version 1.7.3 -
* Added MFFS.
* Added some Scopes to Flans..

Version 1.7.2 -
* Added ExtraBiomesXL and RPTweaks.

Version 1.7.1-2 - MCPC+ only.
* Updated MCPC+ Buildcraft, Updated Server build to final version.

Version 1.7.1 -
* Added Applied Energistics.
* Updated MCPC+ version of BuildCraft.
* Fixed some configs.

Version 1.7 -
* Added Ages of Mystcraft, Basic Components, Weeping Angels, Thermal Expansion, Soul Shards, and Atomic Science.

Version 1.6.10 - LTS!
* Added SeedManager.

Version 1.6.9 -
* Removed Player API and Smart Moving.
* Added Liquid UU-Matter, Custom LAN Ports, MFR, and DeFence.
* Generate ICBM sulfur instead of Railcraft sulfur.

Version 1.6.8 -
* Removed Weeping Angels.
* Updated EnderStorage.

Version 1.6.7 -
* Added CoFHCore and OmniTools

Version 1.6.6 -
* Added Jammy Furniture, Logistics Pipes, and Bibliocraft.
* Added alternate "Vanilla" Server.

Version 1.6.5-2 - MCPC+ only.
* Updated MCPC+ Build.

Version 1.6.5 -
* Added ICBM.
* Added TreeCapitator Mekanism support.

Version 1.6.4 -
* Added bspkrsCore and TreeCapitator
* Turned off as many of those annoying update notifications as i could.
* Updated the MCPC+ build.

Version 1.6.3 -
* Changed IC2 version in client so it'll talk with the server (finally).

Version 1.6.2 -
* Unfixed the Bronze/Steel copies.

Version 1.6.1 -
* Fixed the copies of Bronze and Steel.

Version 1.6.0 -
* Added Ye Olde Pack, the Fokker, the Sopwith Camel, Small Boats Mod, Gravity Guns.
* Updated CodeChickenCore, NEI, NEIPlugins, and EnderStorage.
* Some config tweaking.

Version 1.5.0 -
* Removed ExtraBiomesXL because it screwed up RedPower.
* Messed with the configs so only Redpower spawns copper and tin.

Version 1.4.3 - More technology!
* Added Mekanism, Mekanism Generators, Mekanism Tools, F4113nC0r3, and BioMaterials.

Version 1.4.2 - Food!
* Added Useful Food.
* Changed the versions of ic2 and buildcraft to the special MCPC+ builds.

Version 1.4.1 -
* Removed Old West Guns because of Item ID conflicts.

Version 1.4.0 - Worlds!
* Added ExtraBiomesXL and Mystcraft.

Version 1.3.0 - Guns!
* Added Flan's Mod, Simple Parts, Old West Guns, and Modern Weapons.
* Removed Simple Guns.

Version 1.2.0 - The Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey Mechanics Update.
* Added WeepingAngels, SmartMoving, SimpleGuns, and MobAmputation.

Version 1.1.1 -
* Updated Thaumic Bees and put NEIPlugins back in.
* Updated EE3 to the latest commit that will compile with 1.4.7.

Version 1.1.0 -
* Removed NEIPlugins.
* Updated OpenCCSensors, Code Chicken Core, Not Enough Items, Dimensional Anchors, EnderStorage, Iron Chests, Modular PowerSuits, and WR-CBE.
* Updated Server Build.
* Switched to MediaFire as server storage.

Version 1.0.1 -
* Fixed client and server using different config file encodings.

Version 1.0.0 - Initial Release.

Extra Pipes for BuildCraft including a teleport pipe, and more.

A mod which adds Advanced Machines to IC2.

An attempt to address some of the issues with vanilla terrain generation.

Applied Energistics is a Minecraft Mod which contains some basic tools, some electric tools and an advanced storage system called ME that lets you store items compactly and in the way you want.

Craft and create your own ship... And sail it across the seven seas!

This is a library and it mostly contains functions that are used in Aroma1997's other mods, but it does contain some useful commands.

A look into what Minecraft could become when you add a splash of magic...Ars Magica is a mod about casting powerful spells, fighting bosses, and having fun with magic! It features a unique spell creation system where you can create any spell you can imagine!

BiblioCraft adds bookshelves, and other useful, pretty item holders.

BiblioCraft support for ExtrabiomesXL

BiblioCraft support for Forestry.

BiblioCraft Support for Highlands.

A Fun, engaging Nuclear system which hooks into a lot of mods.

Includes Extra Bees, Extra Trees, and Binnie Core. Extends bee breeding with genetics and more, and increases the amount of trees breedable through Forestry.

Contains the shared classes for all of bspkrs' mods.

BuildCraft is a new game mod aimed at allowing users to build advanced structures and mechanisms.

Calclavia Core is a required library used in Calclavia’s mods.

This mod adds slopes and a custom variety of vanilla-inspired blocks to the game.

This mod adds a block called a chunkloader, when placed it will keep chunks around it loaded even if no players are nearby or even online. (Better than other chunkloaders)

Code Chicken Core is just a library of classes that all of chicken_bones' mods use.

Shared classes for Redstone Arsenal and Thermal Expansion.

Adds compact solar arrays and a solar helmet to IC2.

This mod adds a compact version of the classic IC2 Windmill. It can produce more energy as it is still within one block, but it also is a little bit more pricy.

ComputerCraft is a modification for Minecraft that’s all about computer programming. It allows you to build in-game Computers and Turtles, and write programs for them using the Lua programming language.

Core Classes for CountryGamer's Mods.

A mod developed by CrazyPants which adds compact liquid conduits, energy conduits and redstone conduits, power generation, machinery, remote area access (enderIO), transceivers and more.

EnderStorage is a mod that offers a means to store your items in The END, causing them to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Equivalency is an addon for Equivalent Exchange 3 that adds more transmutation recipes for the mod. It also adds support for several mods that are usually used along side EE3, such as Industrial Craft 2 and Forestry.

This mod allows you to transmute tons of materials into other materials. It adds a lot of what is classified by many as "endgame content", to make you feel more godlike in your sandbox world.

ExtrabiomesXL is a collaborative open source mod for Minecraft which adds new biomes and an assortment of natural blocks and items that enhance gameplay and make exploring fun and interesting.

ExtraCells is the first Applied Energistics Add-On, implementing quite some very usefull functions. EC began with just being an Add-On for bigger Storage Cells, but after that it evolved into the AE Fluid System.

Random, cool, crazy ideas implemented into Minecraft.

A small Thaumcraft 4 addon that adds a little "darkness" to Thaumcraft.

The goal of this mod is to automate tree farming as much as possible without becoming entirely overpowered. This is a huge extension to BuildCraft in the world of trees.

An API for dynamically handling different functional parts in the one block space.

Galacticraft allows you to explore the solar system in your own spaceship.

Adds some interesting Advanced tools to Minecraft.

This mod adds the Gravity Gun from Half Life 2 to Minecraft.

GrowthCraft is a compilation of mods created by the one developer which aims to add more features and improve the agriculture/farming aspect of Mojang’s game MineCraft™ while still keeping its simplicity and avoiding overcomplicating it.

Hats in Minecraft

A shared library for heldplayer's mods.

Highlands was created to make exploring and living in the world of Minecraft more fun. It adds many more mountains and hills than in vanilla Minecraft.

This mod is a shared library required by a couple of iChun’s Mods.

Provides common code for all of immibis' mods.

Peripherals for ComputerCraft by immibis.

Breed some Plutonium and ITNT, shove it in a nuke and blow up the surounding landscape, or just mine it out with cool rechargable drills! Threaten creepers with your deadly Mining-Laser™ or defend your home from brain eating zombies with a flashing glow stick super sparkly NanoSaber™! Go Eco and proclaim yourself an "Environment-friend" builder and use Solar panels, Windmills or decide to be the opposite, fueling CO2 producing Semifluid Generators!

This client mod allows you to easily manage your inventory, in both single player and multiplayer. It works out of the box, and will make you gain a massive amount of time! It automatically replaces your tools as they break, and item stacks once emptied It sorts your inventory and your chests in a single click/keystroke It provides lots of powerful shortcuts to move items around It allows you to customize entirely the way your inventory is sorted, thanks to clever configuration files

Large chests inside of 1 block.

Jabba (Just Another Better Barrel Attempt) is a storage mod aiming at making a better barrel than what is already out there.

Logistics Pipes is an extensive overhaul of the Buildcraft pipe system. It allows for better distribution of items via pipes, more organised stockkeeping and easier automated crafting.

A set of common functions for Lomeli's mods. Also gives capes to good people.

Every get bored of mining all the time for resources? Want a new way of collecting them? Magical Crops gives you the ability to grow your own resources! Grow Diamonds, Coal, Emeralds or even Experience, Now go and create a vast farm for all your needs!

Magic Bees is an addon for Forestry that adds several new bee species with a magical theme.

Mekanism is an independent tech mod that brings low, mid, and high tier machinery to Minecraft. The mod doesn't have an actual goal, and you'll understand this when you see all the random content Mekanism contains, from jetpacks to balloons.

Metallurgy is a vast enhancement to the basic mining system, adding well over 48+ new metals (based on which submods you use).

Modular Force Field System is a Minecraft mod that adds force fields, defensive systems and world shaping mechanics to Minecraft.

The Mod loading system for minecraft with the greatest amount of support.

Modular Powersuits is a Minecraft mod based around the idea of an inventor who tinkers with high-tech electronics and makes a suit of powered armor chock-full of useful gadgets and features.

This mod adds in what Minecraft has been missing for years, furniture! It includes over 30 pieces of furniture to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, living room and even your garden, while keeping Minecraft's Vanilla feel.

It's so you don't have to point nonstop on a Block, never letting go of the mouse button, to finish it off. You can pause, walk away, mine another Block ... whatever you want.

In the Myst series, there are special books that describe wild and varied new worlds, called Ages. These Ages can be written with a special language, and the books they are written in can be used to visit those Ages. Some ages can be beautiful and safe, while others can be inherently unstable and dangerous. Mystcraft brings the ability to write Ages to Minecraft.

Formerly known as the NEI Bees plugin, adds some useful stuff to NEI.

Makes the Mystcraft pages show up in NEI.

Mod Support Plugins for NEI, including BuildCraft, Forestry, Railcraft, IC2, Ars Magica 2, Tinker's Construct, GregTech, and Thermal Expansion 3.

Ores in the Nether! Coal, diamond, gold, iron, lapis, redstone, tin, copper, emerald, silver, lead, uranium, and nikolite. Non-vanilla ores only spawn if a mod that uses them exists. All nether ores turn into their surface counterparts in a furnace - some (like redstone or coal) may need to be smacked with a pick or macerated to be made useful.

Not Enough Items is a successor to both Too Many Items and Recipe Book.

A very simple mod created to clean up and organize the keybinds gui, organizing mods into their own category and sub menu.

The Nuclear Control IC2 addon allows you to build efficient monitoring and notification system for your nuclear reactor.

A coremod for machinemuse' mods.

OpenBlocks is a new open source mod that introduces a variety of ideas into Minecraft, including hang gliders, elevators, awesome multiblock tanks, graves, paints, cranes, liquid XP, cartographers, trophies and more!

A library for the Open Mods.

This is an add-on for ComputerCraft which can convert many blocks from all different mods into ComputerCraft peripherals.

A mod which holds shared classes with all of powercrystal's mods.

The replacement for RedPower.

qCraft is a mod that brings the principles of quantum physics to the world of Minecraft.

Have you ever wished minecarts and rails had received a bit more attention during development? Well that ends now! Gone are all those broken bits and in their place are a ton of new tools to build your massive rail system. If you ever cared about rails, you wont ever look back!

A reimplementation of RedPower Frames.

The Small Boats mod for Minecraft -- usable craft that have animated parts, working chests, and can carry multiple passengers.

This mod introduces variants to your default Minecraft mods, such as creepers with fiery explosions, skeletons that shoot poisoned arrows, and zombies that throw other mobs at you.

Steve's Carts 2 is the minecraft mod dedicated to let you experience the minecart system to its max. Instead of the three normal ones you can design your own.

Thaumaturgy in Minecraft.

A Thaumcraft 4 and Tinker's Construct addon.

Another one of those big mods like IC2 or BuildCraft.

Tinkers' Construct is a mod about putting tools together in a wide variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else.

More Tech stuff for Tinker's Construct.

Tinkers' Steelworks aims to be a total expansion to Tinkers' Construct by adding new material processing concepts to early and late game.

Chop down the entire tree, cactus style.

Adds igneous, mesomorphic, and sedimentary type rocks (overhaul!)

The Mod that implements cross-compatibility with UE mods.

The continuation of Zan's Minimap (A minimap mod with great mod support.)

What Am I Looking At? Shows in a tooltip what mod an item is from.

In its simplest this is a mod that allows you to transmit your redstone state wirelessly.

From the Minecraft EULA (http://www.minecraft.net/terms)

"Please think carefully before you make any content available, because it will be made public and might even be used by other people in a way you don‘t like."

Basically, all mods are public domain /regardless of the modders' licenses/ so we do what we want. (But we would prefer that they approve.)

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