The Land of Lorbandria Modpack
by GenesectZero - Minecraft: 1.4.7

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Hello, my name is JboldtTehCreepah.  I am currently doing a modded survival series, and have decided to host it on the Technic Forums.

Link to Episode 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WD_0jblmeU&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLPHDUXHHfJdJPrDNkfeokC-VuV1e67UDu

Mods included are:

Industrialcraft 2
Thermal Expansion
Power Converters
Damage Indicators
Rei's Minimap
Balkon's Weapon Mod
Paxel Mod
Vanilla Plus
Nerd Weapons Mod
Mo' Zombies
Enchanting Plus
Equivalent Exchange 3
Atum Journey into Sand
Flat Bedrock
Nether Ores
Dynamic Lighting
Dungeon Pack
Divine Ores
Legendary Beasts
MultiPage Chest
The Mists of Riov
Status Effect HUD

If you get a error message when opening the game forthe first time, don't worry.  This just means that Pixelmon is installing the database.  If it still doesn't work, contact me.

Any questions/suggestions?  Comment!  Don't forget to leave a like!

+ Added Status Effect HUD
+ Added The Mists of Riov

+ Added Harvestcraft
+ Added Legendary Beasts
+ Added Multi page chest
- Removed Crystal Wing
- Removed Backpacks

+ Added Dynamic Lighting (Config edited to allow extra lit objects)
+ Added Dungeon Pack
+ Added Nether Ores
+ Added Crystal Wing
+ Added Flat Bedrock
+ Added Backpacks
- Removed Trail Mix
- Removed Portal Gun
- Removed Gravity Gun
- Removed Uses For Lapis
- Removed Dirt Armor
- Removed Cookie Ore
- Removed Stone Armor

+ Updated VanillaPlus to 1.3.0
+ Pixelmon Config edited to lower number of pokemon in the world (less lag, more room to walk)
+ Pixelmon Config edited to allow vanilla music
+ Gravestone Config edited to add cat names: Bluestar, Firestar, Ravenpaw, Tigerstar
+ Gravestone Config edited to add dog names: Lily, Tristan
+ Gravestone Config edited to add names: Chandra, Sorin, Garruk, Ajani, Jace, Junkboy

Initial Release
+ Added Pixelmon
+ Config Edited to allow Vanilla Mobs
+ Added Industrialcraft 2
+ Added Buildcraft
+ Added Thermal Expansion
+ Added Power Converters
+ Added Quickcraft
+ Added Trail mix mod
+ Added Portal Gun mod
+ Added Gravity Gun Mod
+ Added Gravestones
+ Note: Config edited to show new names under gravestones.
+ Added Damage indicators
+ Added Balkon's Weapon Mod
+ Added Paxel Mod
+ Added VanillaPlus
+ Added Nerd Weapons mod
+ Added Mo' Zombies
+ Added Enchanting Plus
+ Added Cookie Ore
+ Added Uses For Lapis
+ Added Dirt Armor
+ Added Stone Armor
+ Added Atum Journey into Sand
+ Added Treecapitator
+ Added Divine Ores

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Created: 07-19-2013

Last Updated: 55 days ago

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