Tekkit + Optifine
by MikeySkullivan - Minecraft: 1.5.1

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Tekkifine contains the whole NEW Tekkit-modpack (version 1.0.6) and Optifine for increased performance.

I made this, so people are able to play Tekkit even on slower computers
and for the sake of simple installation.

All credit goes to the team around Tekkit and all the modders who participated.

!If it doesn't launch on the first try DON'T PANIC!
Forge first needs to download the needed libraries, on the second try it WILL WORK.
It also may "freeze" upon start - just wait through the loading time.

fixed framerate drops

updated to Tekkit 1.0.6

added Tekkit 1.0.5
added Optifine 1.5.1 HD_U_D1

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Created: 05-07-2013

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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