by djjustin14 - Minecraft: 1.4.7

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In this pack some mods are added to boast your minecraft experience with new items, new world generation, a big castle with some work for you, lot of new animals and much more

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*Known bugs*  [Nothing is perfect]
Stuck in the ground on world generation        [Fix] Dig down 1 block

Dont like thirst mod?
Go to controls and set dynamic lights to another key (you dont want to put that one off) and turn off TM using L

Minecraft Forge
CodeChicken Core
Dynamic Lights
Totally Awesome RPG
Rei's Minimap
Better Dungeons
DrZhark's customSpawner
Damage Indicators
DrZhark's Mo'Creatures mod
Enchanting Plus
Inv tweaks
Minecraft Comes Alive //!-!REMOVED FOR NOW!-!//
Subarakis RPG inv mod
Skyrim Mod
Tale of Kingdoms 
Thirst Mod
Twilight Forest
Balkon's WeaponMod

Feature plans:
Fix MCA mod
Add Smart moving mod
Add Better Animations mod
Add Optifine mod
Add your suggestions!

My other modpacks:
(Survival-Tech) Modern minecraft survival
(Map-Maker-Pack-Pro) Nice tools to make costum maps
(Fight4Life) A pack that adds cool weapons, guns and explosives to minecraft

Are you a coder, know java or just like configing mods ? Please join my team mail me @ [email protected]

If you find any bugs or know a mod that realy fits to this pack please tell me

1.0 First stable build
1.1 Some Small bug Fixes
1.2 Removed MCA mod for now it caused crashes
1.2.5 Replaced Tale of kindoms 2 with 1
1.3 Added "Backtools"
Added "Smart moving"
Added "Better animations"
Added "Optifine"
Added some Jar Addons

I do not own any of this mods, all credit goes to their authors

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Created: 03-19-2013

Last Updated: 330 days ago

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