by djjustin14 - Minecraft: 1.4.7

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This modpack pimps your minecraft survival experience. It adds modern technologies, new plants, fruits, tools and more!!

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Here are some pics:

Minecraft forge
CodeChicken core
Not Enough Items
Dynamic lights
Better world plants and food
Campfire mod
Damage indicators
Industrialcraft 2
nventory tweaks
Iron chest
Primitive mobs
Balkon´s WeaponMod

To install:
- Open your technic launcher, and press the add  new pack option. 
- Copy this url http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/survival-tech then  hit paste.
- Log in, run it, and wait for it to download. - Enjoy :)

Feature plans:
Fix MCA mod
Add Smart moving mod
Add Better Animations mod
Add Optifine mod
Add your suggestions!
Hope you like the modpack :D
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Are you a coder, know java or just like configing mods ? Please join my team mail me @ [email protected]

1.0 First stable version
1.3 Added "the camping mod"
Added Starter map
Added ocd Texture pack
Little Fixes
1.3.2 Removed Starer map [it crashed]
1.3.5 Added Smart moving
Added Optifine

I do not own any of these mods. Credit goes to their authors.

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Created: 03-13-2013

Last Updated: 328 days ago

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