SacredLabyrinth SMP (Alpha)
by phaed - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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Welcome to the world of Sacred Labyrinth. We have a wide range of handpicked mods to create a unique experience for all players. Expect a challenge as you survive an assortment of mobs that range from tough to merciless. And if mobs aren't challenging enough, you can always take part in PvP solo or with a clan. Although, your greatest enemy will likely be hunger, so be sure to stock up. This pack can be very unforgiving, especially to solo players, so we recommend that you bring a friend or join a clan. However, if you want to play by yourself, just know death is a guarantee. People will try to kill and loot you. And when you're not trying to stay alive, you can build and explore the many mods we offer to your hearts content using the thousands of new blocks and items added to the pack, all from one of the most souped-up clients around. 

Website: SacredLabyrinth Community
Come and play at: slalpha.net
• Server download is no longer available

1. Download the Technic Launcher
2. Click on "add a new pack" and enter our modpack's url: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/slpack
3. Start the launcher and click on the gear icon next to the launcher's close button to open the config. Give the client at least 2GB of memory (64 bit Java is REQUIRED!!!!)
4. Join the server and have fun!

Note: You need Java 64 bit installed to run this pack version 7 build 55 is recommended

Metallurgy 3.3.2
Tinker's Construct
Thaumcraft 4.1
Custom NPC's

DrZharks MoCreatures Mod 6.1.0
Infernal Mobs
FatherToasts Special Mobs 2.6

Scythes Mod 1.1.1
Better Archery
ChocoCraft 3.03

Hunger Overhaul
Growthcraft 2.0.4
Harvest Craft

Hopper Ducts Mod 1.2.2
BibliCraft 1.5.5
BilbioCraft Extras
Camo Lights 3.7
Carpeter's Blocks 2.0.3
Chisel Mod
Ganys Nether 1.5.6
Ganys Surface 1.5.4
Fireplaces 0.1
Craftable Horse Armor
Laser Mod
Light Bridges and Doors
Mining Hats 1.2
Mob Amputation Mod
Mob Heads
More Furnaces Mod
MrCrayfishs Furniture Mod
Fiat Lux 0.4.0
Hats 2.1.1
Heraldry 1.0.3
Mariculture 1.1.4
Jammy Furniture Mod
Jump Pads
Obsidian Boats 1.2
OpenBlocks 1.2.5
Pam's Desert Craft
Pam's Extended Glass 1.1.4
Pam's Temperate Plants
Pam's Weee Flowers 1.04
Project Red
Railcraft 1.1
Reliquary 1.1.1
Ritual Enchanting
roguelike 1.2.9
Tree Capacitor
Unchantment Table
Vending Block Mod
Waila 1.5.1
Waypoints 1.0.2
Westeros Blocks
Small Boats Mod
Thaumcraft Extras
Torch Levers 1.3.3
Sync 2.1.1

Biomes O' Plenty
Twighlight Forest 1.2

Damage Indicators
Craft Guide Mod
Better Grass and Leaves
Better Signs Mod
Better Sprinting
Sphax PureBDCraft 16x Texturepack +patches


Launch of pack 1.6.4

4.2 Alpha Switch
Updated Mod list, should be current.

Finalized ID fixes - Included Client side Mods

Fix ID's Prism SQL changes, InfernalMobs tweaks, HungerOverhaul tweaks

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Created: 03-23-2013

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