by Pwnbot8000 - Minecraft: 1.4.6

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the amazing mod that came from the game is now here (P.S. must read chatlog

so anyway this is only the update starter for this to work you must install this mod on the mod pack

1. download the mod
2. (download winwar if it has not been downloaded)
3. download 1.4.6 minecraftforge
4. go to your start menu and type %appdata%
5. go to appdata/.technic/SCP-mod
6. go to the bin folder
7. right click the minecraft.jar and open it with winwar then open up minecraft forge
8. drag and drop all of the files in to the minecraft.jar
9. open the mod and drag and drop all of files in the jar folder into the minecraft jar folder
10. now close out the minecraft.jar and go back the SCP-mod folder
11. drag the the file called resources into the SCP-mod folder
12. now a warning will come up saying do you want to merge the resources click yes
and your done launch the modpack and the game will now have the mod installed
and PLEASE +1 the pack

oh by the way don't forget to get to install the pack before you do these steps. have fun!!!

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Created: 05-26-2013

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