Rival Rebels+ Pack
by BMARX123 - Minecraft: 1.5.1

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I would appreciate any suggestions for mods to go into the pack, +1 the pack before leaving a suggestion to boost your chances of the mod making it in!

With a plus added to the title of the modpack, I am pleased to announce that we are expanding to bigger and better things. No longer just a pvp mod pack, but also a SILLY one!...and maybe some techy stuff down the line. The mods being added are mainly for my own enjoyment! However I am pretty leniant and will try to add mods based on popular request. Have fun :)

If you like ponies, flowers, and unicorns than this modpack is not for you. However, if you enjoy a good explosion every once in awhile, I do believe you'll have a jolly ol' time :)

If playing in survival mode, to be more fair, either delete, or not use Rival Rebels. The recipies are quite easy to craft for such endgame items. But if you want to just easily become the God of your Minecraft world, go ahead :)

If you ever use this modpack to make a let's play, please link back to this pack!

Please +1 this pack so that more people can become aware of these great mods!

If you are unaware of this amazing mod, or would like to learn more visit  http://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/

Mod List:

Rival Rebels 1.5.1b

Minecraft Forge 

Optifine 1.5.1 HD_U_B1

Rei's Minimap v3.3_04

iChun's Hat Mod 1.5.1 v 1.0.0

Gravity Gun

Trail Mix

iChun Util

Smart Moving Mod

Code Chicken Core

Not Enough Items

Extra Biomes XL


All websites for the mods listed are on the licensing page, visit them if you have questions about a specific mod. And why not donate a few bucks?

Modpack Download Count:

    4600 Runs!

v0.1: Pack is in Alpha, many problems. Will most likely be updated and working soon

v1.0: In what might have been the quickest period of Alpha ever (2 hours), the modpack is fully functional. Have fun being blown to shreds.

v1.1: Wanted Rei's Minimap, added Rei's Minimap

v1.2: Added iChun's Hat Mod, now you can have different hats for each team!

v1.2.1: WHOOPS! Small problem fixed, no big deal.

v2.0: Expansion has started! New mods added: iChun's Util, Gravity Gun, and Trail Mix mod. (What can I say, iChun's mods are great :)

v2.1: Added the Smart Moving Mod

v2.1.1: Random problems fixed!

v2.2: Added Code Chicken Core, Extra Biomes XL, and Not Enough Items

I do not own the rights to any of these Mods. All rights go to the dedicated mod authors, if you like the mods go throw money at them.









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Created: 03-29-2013

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