planes mod
by cab1994 - Minecraft: 1.7.2

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This Pack is runnig at 50% capacity. If you can tell me how to fix the crafting problem, I'll fix it.

The positive note it that it launches and runs now.

I ALREADY KNOW IT DOESN'T WORK DON'T POST "it doesn't work' or "theres no planes"

I will hide this pack if you continue to complain about it not working without reading the Change Log

1.0: Updated to 1.7.2, fixed the pack so it works now, and so, any bug You find about it not working right, i will know, as of now crafting is broken.

2.0: Updated to 1.7.2

3.0: No longer using Flans mods(can't get them to work)


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Created: 03-11-2013

Last Updated: 8 days ago

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