Pixelmon 1.6.4 Epic Edition
by artman41 - Minecraft: 1.6.4

Platform URL

Hey guys, thanks for clicking on the modpack :D please, if you like this pack, +1 it so others can see this amazing pack!

Hey guys, I am SO SO sorry for the long delay! Here's an updated version of the modpack with the ability to automate your pokeball production :D 

Okay guys! In theory, I've fixed the link! Feel free to prove me wrong! Download ALL you want!

Server Link (MCPC+): http://game-walk-through.co.uk/downloads.php

List of servers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhJqmhd8vGEXdGNoWlJJZldfNi15SGg4VWlhTVZMUWc#gid=0

Includes the following mods:
Applied Energistics
Chicken Chunks
CoFH Core
Compact Solars
Computer Craft
Craft Guide
Ender Storage
Gravi GunHats
Inventory Tweaks
Obsidi Plates
Plugins for Forestry
Portal Gun
Project Red
Redstone Arsenal
Steves Carts
Tinker's Construct
Thermal Expansion
Tinker's Mechworks
Forge Multipart

Coming Soon:
Shaders [maybe]

Hey guys! If any of you are hosting servers, post in the comments and I'll add it to the spreadsheet! If it's whitelisted, I'd be gratified if you could add me to it! --> artman116

-- Added MCPC+ Server Download

---VERSION 2.2---
-- Fixed Pack Derp

---VERSION 2.0---
-- Restarted Pack

---VERSION 1.8---
-- Extramods folder created in mods folder
-- Flashlight mods moved to Extramods folder

---VERSION 1.7---
-- Custom Port added
-- Flashlight Mod added

---VERSION 1.6---
-- Backpack 1.7.8 added

---VERSION 1.5---
-- Starting Inventory Config Updated

---VERSION 1.4---
-- Starting Inventory Mod 1.5.1 added

---VERSION 1.3---
-- Pixelmon updated to 2.1.2
-- nostalgic game sounds pack 1.0 added

---VERSION 1.2---
-- Optifine removed due to Texture Bugs

---VERSION 1.1---
-- NBTEdit added

---VERSION 1---
-- ReiMinimap v3.3_04 added
-- CraftGuide 1.6.6 added
-- CustomNPCs 1.5.1 added
-- Pixelmon 2.1.1 added
-- Timber! 1.5.1 added

You may include CraftGuide in mod packs, or distribute it on its own, without any special procedure or permission. However, if you modify the copy you are distributing, you must clearly indicate that it has been modified (since I'd rather not have a bunch of people asking for help with errors that don't exist in any of the official versions).

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