by NotoriousPyro - Minecraft: 1.4.7

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Note: I highly recommend you play this modpack with the PhukkitRPG server files provided below.
PhukkitRPG aims to bring a fun and extensive RPG experience to Minecraft, that still makes it feel like Minecraft. Sort of Minecraft+! See the Mod List page for mods.
This modpack is hosted on a very fast server! So it should download very quickly!

If you like this mod, then please give it a +1!

Do you have a server running PhukkitRPG? Let me know and I'll post it, maybe I'll make it official!
If anyone is good at image editing, please get in touch! Would love some better-looking images for this modpack.

The PhukkitRPG server includes the MCPC+ dedicated server and all the necessary mods for this modpack! It is highly recommended to use this, even if you're playing alone so you can enjoy the mod to its fullest.
Bukkit mods: ProperTime (day lasts 60 minutes, night is 10 minutes), WorldEdit.

1.1.3: Mirror 1
1.1.3->1.1.4 update: Mirror 1

Planned features:
* Better modpack pictures.
* A good quality and complete texturepack.
* More mods!

Tell me so I can fix them!
Known bugs:
* Weather may flicker on and off, just disable it for now if it bugs you by going to Options > Video Settings > Other and turn Weather to Off.

Please let me know! I'm up for any, and if I believe they're good then I'll credit you!

* Added EnchantingPlus
1.1.3 - Server only
* Changed to MCPC+ 1.4.7-R1.1-248 which features Spigot for enhanced performance.
* Removed BukkitForge as this is now handled by MCPC+.
* Added WorldEdit 5.5.5.
* Fixed the modpack not downloading.
* Removed Bottles of Experience (they weren't very useful).
1.1.1 - Server only
* Added BukkitForge build 252 which appears to work.
* Updated Minecraft Forge to build 527.
* Updated BiblioCraft to 1.1.2.
* Updated DivineRPG to
* Updated Backpacks to 1.7.8.
* Replaced TreeFeller with TreeCapitator.
* Disabled version check for Damage Indicators.
1.0.2 - Client only
* Removed 3D Items as this was causing crashes.
* Updated Minecraft Forge to build 518, this should increase stability for clients.
* Edit: Also updated server to build 518.
* Fixed a bug with Bibliocraft and Optifine.
* Updated CodeChickenCore.
* Updated Not Enough Items.
* Updated Zulu Project Complete to 0.6.4c (hopefully this fixes stability issues).
* Added bspkrsCore
* Added ArmorStatusHUD
* Added StatusEffectHUD
* Updated DivineRPG to 1.3.0.
* Updated Damage Indicators to 2.4.8.
* Fixed some axes not cutting down instantly with TreeFeller mod.
* Fixed some trees not cutting down instantly with TreeFeller mod.
* Added BetterStorage.
* Added DungeonPack.
* Added ExtrabiomesXL.
* Added Project Zulu.
* Added Thaumcraft.
* Added Twilight Forest.
* Added BottlesOfExperience.
* Fixed a bug with Damage Indicators.
* Added TreeFeller.
* Added UsefulFood.
* Updated Damage Indicators to 2.4.7.
* Initial Release.

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Created: 03-07-2013

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