Orespawn and Mutant Creatures!
by ModMan13 - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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This is a 1.6.4 modpack. Please post any bugs you have found if any in the comments and ill try my best to get them fixed. (P.S use the [ ] and 'enter' keys to morph back into other mobs, including yourself.) 
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Mod list:

Better Dungeons
Morph Mod
Damage Indicators
Mutant Creatures
Battle Towers
Super Heros Unlimited
This is the server download https://www.dropbox.com/s/7zgvcwx45bh5bg0/Orespawn%20Server.zip all you have to do is hit download and then extract all the files to a normal folder(not a zipped) and then run the 'minecraft_server1.6.4' and then join it and you got the server! Oh and remember im Bob Alias.

+Battle Towers
+Super Heros Unlimited
+Better Dungeons
+Morph Mod
+Damage Indicators
+ Mutant Creatures

You are allowed to use any of my modpacks in a review or series. You're allowed to use them on youtube.

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Created: 12-20-2013

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