Open Peripheral
by SinZ - Minecraft: 1.5.2

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The modpack used in the OpenPeripherals Showcase server.

========== Modpack v1.2 ==============
Added OmniTools

Updated Applied-Energistics to rv11-b
Updated Forestry to
Updated IndustrialCraft2 to 1.116.350
Updated MineFactoryReloaded to 2.7.0B2-999
Updated ModularPowersuits to 0.7.0-537
Updated ModularPowersuits-Addons to 0.2.3-157
Updated OpenPeripheral to 0.1.8 (SERVER EXCLUSIVE BETA)
Updated ThermalExpansion to

========== Modpack v1.1 ==============
Added EnderStorage v1.4.2.12
Added LiteLoader v1.5.2
- VoxelPlayer
- VoxelMenu
- VoxelFlight
Added ModularPowersuits v0.7.0-534
Added ModularPowersuits-Addon v0.2.3-148
Added OpenCCSensors v1.5.2.0
Added Railcraft v1.5.2-

Updated IndustrialCraft2 to 1.115.348
Updated MineFactoryReloaded to 2.6.4B1-971
Updated OpenPeripheral to 0.1.7
Updated ThermalExpansion to

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Created: 06-14-2013

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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