OhGaming's Medieval Times
by oaksvirals - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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Welcome to Medieval Times! You'll love PvPing your friends & enemies dual wielding sword and shield. Build a massive castle within your Towny and grow into a great Nation. Flintlock weapons, Cannons, and more at your disposal! You'll have a blast.. literally!

Installing the Warlords modpack is simple! 

1) Open your technic launcher. 
2) Select add new modpack. (It's a plus sign (avatar) on the left side of the launcher) 
3) When the menu appears paste this in the modpack URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/ohgamings-warlords
4) You will then see the pack on your launcher, select it, click play! The server is conveniently already in your multiplayer list for you.

Battlegear 2 - Dual Wield
Better Breeds
Biomes O Plenty
Carpenters Blocks
Code Chicken Core
Coral Reef
Craft Heraldry
Custom Mob Spawn
Custom NPC
Enchanting Plus
Flintlock Weapons
Hammer Mod
Iguana Tweaks
Mob Dismemberment
Pig Companion
Project Zulu
Simple Ores
Small Boats
Secret Rooms
Tall Doors
Tinkers Construct
Thaumcraft 4
Thaumcraft Mob Aspects
Thaumic Tinkerer
Tinkers Steel Works
Weather Mod
Wood Craft

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11-25-14: Updated IP information
10-9-14: Weight Realism Removed. Updated configs.
8-3-14: Added Secret Rooms
7-25-14: Added Hardcore Questing Mod
7-24-14: Changed Armor UI. Added Tubes & Multipart.
7-20-14: Updated MUD.cfg settings
7-3-14: Removed Flintlock Guns due to a crashing issue.
6-25-14: Major modpack update & complete re-work
4-18-14: Added tubes & multipart. Removed Hopperducts
3-16-14: Updated CodeChickenCore & NEI
3-12-14: Updated more configs
3-5-14: Updated client side configs
3-2-14: Updated configs
3-1-14: 100% New Modpack
2-19-14: Updated Mekanism
1-11-14: Removed Forestry & added Mekanism.
1-9-14: Removed resonant induction. Added Forestry & Torch Levers
1-3-14: Updated to 1.6.4 and redone.
9-15-13: Added Build Craft, Therm Expansion, Power Converters, IC2 Charge Benches. Removed Mekkanism.
9-12-13: Launched

All mods are public and available to download from minecraftforums.net

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Created: 09-12-2013

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